An Airport Non-Tradition

“Mom, can we go to the airport extra, extra early?” Mimi asked.  It was all my horrified brain could do not to scream that there was no way on this green earth that  I was going to get up even earlier than I already had to.  I managed to take a deep breath before calmly asking my daughter why she would want to do that. 

“I think we should stop at Denny’s and have breakfast.” she replied. “After all, you always tell me that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, I can’t fly on an empty stomach, you know”

“Do you even know where a Denny’s is?” I hedged

“There’s go to be one around the airport somewhere.  It’ll be fun…and then we can make it a tradition!”

“So…you want to go to Denny’s every time  you go to Costa Rica?” I asked slowly.  “Are you planning on going there a lot?” 

We didn’t end up going to Denny’s before we took her to the airport.  In fact, it was all we could do to wake up early enough to get to the airport by six in the morning on Monday.  (Technically, I was the only one that was awake.  While I was driving, everyone else fell back asleep as soon as they buckled in.)

CR hair after.                Don’t you just love how her bright red hair makes her stand out?

At the beginning of the school year, Mimi was given the opportunity to go to Costa Rica  when one of the Spanish teachers decided to chaperone a trip along with a teacher from another school.  Mimi worked hard learning Spanish all year. 

cr cr after.               We only have “Gingers” here in Seattle!

Before we knew it, the school year was over and it was time to hop on the plane.  This past week they have been doing touristy things.  They have been exploring the city, visiting farms and going down zip lines across the jungle! (I can’t wait to see the photos of that)


It’s hard having my girl away for so long (and with only minimal  contact!) but I know that she is in safe hands and having a wonderful time. 

See you soon, Baby! (Maybe we can stop at Denny’s on the way home from the airport…)


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5 Responses to An Airport Non-Tradition

  1. Tylor says:

    If someone asked me if there is a Denny’s around I’d just say, “let’s ask Google”. No wonder I have trouble functioning without the internet.

  2. What a great opportunity! Everyone I know who has gone to Costa Rica has just loved it.

  3. Kathy says:

    Travel like this is so important for individual growth. How great is it that they all have this opportunity. And yes, I cannot see myself rolling into a Denny’s at 4 in the morning…. 🙂

  4. Pamela says:

    Love the hair (and here I was just telling you about wild ginger in the forests

  5. Mimi says:

    How did you get these pictures from Ange???

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