Apparently, I’m A Hipster

“So, remember that show that I like? Project Runway?” I asked my husband.

“Um…yeah?” he answered warily. 

“Well, last night was the season premier and it was all over Blogland.”

“But…you like to watch that show, so that’s a good thing, right?” Shaun asked.

“Of course I do.  I just didn’t know the rest of the world loved it so much too. I don’t know why they are all watching my show.  There are even Project Project Runways going on where people dress dolls.  Geez…what’s the world coming to!”

“Oh,” Shaun said “that means you are a Hipster!  You liked it before anyone else did.”


“Mom can’t be a Hipster” Mimi interrupted, “she’s waaay too old”

We both paused in our Very Important Conversation to glare at our opinionated teen for a moment.  Then my Beloved valiantly defended me.  (Have I mentioned how much I adore that man?) He assured us both that not only was I just the perfect age, I was most definitely a Hipster.  After all, I was into things before anyone else was,  I owned some really cool glasses and I once constantly wore a really ugly hip plaid flannel  jacket. 

There you have it, I’m a Hipster.  One simply can’t argue with logic…

Hey Kids…If you want to be a super awesome Hipster like me, join  my FACEBOOK page.  Then you can say something like, “I was like, one of the first twenty that even knew she had a Facebook page”   Click HERE before you miss out on this once in a lifetime offer!  (I’m trying to say that with a straight, disdainful face like a true hipster would, but I find that it just cracks me up.  Hmmm…is it possible I’m an imposter?

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