The Cheater Soap

We’ve just brought our KT back to college and all I can think about is soap.  Cheater soap to be exact.  Yes, I know you must be wondering what on earth soap, of all things, has to do with bringing your eldest child back to school.  I should probably be telling you about how we managed to cram all of her belongings into the back of my Jeep with room to spare, or the six hour drive, how we had to wait in the sweltering sun unable to find someone with a key to get into her house (or what a fun name it has!), how we got to watch her joyfully greet her friends, all the last minute shopping for needed items (five different stores for a mini-fridge?) or even the barely held back tears as we said our final good-byes. 

Yes, all of those things are full of wonderful memories.  Bringing your daughter back to school for her second year isn’t something to be taken lightly.  Who knows if she will let us bring her back and help her move in next year.  We can only hope, but are well aware that the day will soon come when we aren’t nearly as welcome in her world. Sigh…

Anyways, back to the soap. Our hotel (the one that I managed to bid entirely too much for on Priceline) was a perfectly fine hotel.  That was until I unwrapped the small bar of soap provided near the sink.  As I gazed at the hip, nearly art-deco square of soap and inhaled it’s subtle vanilla-orange aroma, I realized that we were actually in one of the finest hotel around. 

I know it's a horrible photo of my cheater soap!

Now I’m not really big on smelly things.  I don’t generally wear perfume and my bath soap is Ivory.  (which just smells like “clean” to me)  Yet, to my amazement, I found that I had fallen completely in love with the intoxicating scent of this hotel soap.  I went to bed happily sniffing a bar of it and determined to find out where I could get a entire case of this ambrosia for my nose.

I had to laugh at myself when I woke up earlier than usual the next morning, anxious to  jump in the shower.  As I stepped into the steaming water, I happily sniffed my bar of soap some more. (No, I don’t have a problem, I can quit sniffing any time I want.  Honest.) The warm vapor only served to elevate the heavenly aroma…at least for the first few minutes.  Much to my dismay, I realized that the scent was just…gone.

At first, I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t matter how deeply I inhaled, there was nothing to smell.  Somehow…some mad scientist (who else would do such a thing?) had put the aroma only on the outside of my cute little bar of soap. 

It didn’t take long before the finest hotel around began to tarnish.  The little things I had overlooked became glaringly obvious.   The beds were too soft, the artwork was hideous and of course there was the…um…funny colored drapes.  I told Shaun that we simply couldn’t stay at this hotel when we came back for Family Weekend. 

All I need to do is find a perfectly fine hotel, with perfectly fine soap…not one with that will break my heart with Cheater Soap…

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