The SATs

Saturday morning, Mimi, like hundreds of other kids across the country, left to take her SATs.  I have to admit that I was just a bit melancholy about my baby girl taking these tests.  I sat down with a cup of coffee to explore these unexpected feelings. 

I knew that taking the SAT was yet another milestone towards our youngest daughter growing up and leaving us.  Soon we would be dealing with college applications, the grueling essays and finally the anxious wait  for results from the colleges she applied to. 

I’ve been through this before and know that, while this might become a frustrating process watching my child do things her way (as opposed to what I thought she should do!) it had nothing to do with the emotional roller-coaster I was feeling. 

I gave a frustrated sigh as I went to top off my coffee, (because coffee always makes things better.) then  settled down to check my email.  As I scrolled through some Facebook notifications,  personal emails and a couple of spams that made it through the filters, I came to the one email I looked forward to every morning. 

With a start, I realized the true reason for my angst.  For the past month or so, I had been getting the “Official SAT Question of the Day.” It seemed that there was some truth to the old saying about wisdom coming with age. (Not that I’m old or anything.)  It turns out that I’m pretty good at these questions and nearly always got them right. 

photo   photo (2)   photo (4)

I couldn’t help but get a huge grin when I went to the result page. It’s always a good thing to start off your day being told that you are brilliant!

I had to laugh at myself when it dawned on me that it wasn’t the thought of my youngest daughter growing up before I was ready. (Is a parent every really ready for that?) I felt more than a little pathetic to find I was mourning the loss of my daily question. 

That was until I found that the Official SAT Question of the Day was still coming to my inbox. 

photo (3)

Hmmmm….maybe that’s not such a good thing after all…

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  1. Saturday was SAT day here as well. Though we’ll be doing the next one too as she’s decided she wants to go out of state and needs to bring her score up by at least 200 points to get money (the only way she’s going). She never studied all summer and now it’s a big deal! Oh well, sometimes you learn the hard way.

    Good luck to Mimi!

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