A Truck at Twilight

Despite the fact that I posted on my Facebook Page that I was going to post about our first Autumn up here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m not. 

I fear that I’m getting sick and I’m hoping that going to bed and getting plenty of sleep will make any illness go away.  (Think positive!)

I leave you with this photo of a cool old truck I saw parked up in Forks a few weeks ago.  It’s not the best shot…I was using my point and shoot and the light was fading as it was twilight.  Smile


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3 Responses to A Truck at Twilight

  1. Hope whatever you are getting goes away quickly!
    Really cool truck!! 🙂

  2. kathy says:

    Uh oh! Take some Zicam quickly!!! And the rest and liquids should help, too. Feel better soon!!

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