A Quiet Friday Night

I was supposed to spend this weekend off with a bunch of my girlfriends in a secret, secret location where no kids or husbands can find us.  Well…that’s not entirely true.  Sometimes they do manage to find us and stop in for a brief moment to say hello or drop forgotten item off for us.

I was in the middle of loading my stuff up in the car when I realized that Mimi, who has been sick all week,(and passing it on to me)  really needed me to stay with her.  I have to admit that I was a bit resentful about missing out on my weekend away.  After all, my youngest daughter keeps telling me that she’s nearly an adult and can take care of herself.

Once I got over my little pity party, I realized that these nights and days that I will be able to spend with my child are becoming more and more rare.  So, I allowed myself to feel the sweet contentment of laying on the couch snuggled up with my daughter.  We spent our evening sipping on blue Gatorade (because it’s the miracle cure-all for sickies) and watching cheesy movies.

I do miss having my Girls’ Weekend away.  Still, I also know that there will be more of them to attend.  I’m not sure how many more quiet Friday nights I’ll have with my girl.

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  1. Karen Mortensen says:

    Wonderful story. Good for you.

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