How Sweet it Is

After wandering through the hardware store just long enough to find what we needed (Somebody was in a hurry and wouldn’t let me look at all the cool things they keep there.  Not that I would pout about that or anything.) We walked up the the checkout and plopped all two items down on the counter. 

The clerk rang our items up and asked us if we had a Lowes Card.  When we said that we didn’t, the young man asked if we would like one.  Before we had a chance to answer, he quickly explained that it wouldn’t cost us a cent and worked just like the grocery store cards. After a short pause, Shaun shrugged his shoulders and agreed to get a card. 

“Yes!” exclaimed the excited young man as he jabbed his arm into the air in a fist pump.  My husband and I just looked at each other in amusement.  As we were asked a couple basic questions to get the Lowes card, Shaun asked the salesman if he got some sort of bonus for getting someone to take a card. 

The clerk looked down sheepishly and said, “Well, we get candy.’

I laughed and asked if it was a really good candy.. 

“Yes!” he grinned. “We get a Mars Bar.  And they call me Mars so, it’s doubly sweet.”


File:Mars bar bitten.jpg

I’ve never seen someone get so excited about a candy bar.  I have to admit that it was pretty fun watching such enthusiasm over something so simple. 

If only every job came with such wonderful perks.

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