My Addiction

I’ve always been a very visual person.  I need to have all my things around me in plain sight where I can keep track of them.  If I don’t, then some of my most treasured thoughts and possessions will be forgotten.  I know, I know…if something is so precious, how could one possibly forget about it?  I suspect it’s special talent. I have a lot those. 

Anyways.  I’ve mentioned a time or two that I was slow to accept the wonders of the internet.  Once I learned to embrace it, we’ve become really good friends.  One of my favorite parts of the World Wide Web is all the wonderful ideas flowing back and forth between people.  In order to keep these ideas for crafts, meals, parenting, cute sayings…whatever, I would pin them to my desk top. 

This practice drove Shaun absolutely nuts.  Every time he got a glimpse of my desk top he would shudder.  Then he would very sweetly encourage me to put all those wonderful ideas away in carefully labeled folders on my hard drive.  He even offered to help set them up for me. 

Now for most people that would be wonderful.  Of course, I’m nothing like most people.  In fact, I’m convinced that my mind works differently from pretty much everyone else’s.  If I put all my things away in folders, I would never see them again.  I wouldn’t even be able to remember where I put them on my computer.  (You can stop laughing now.  That’s seriously the way my mind works.)

Then, toward the beginning of last year, I started hearing about something called “Pintrest.”  The more I heard about it, the more intrigued I became.  It was basically a huge bulletin board where you could keep and sort all the treasures you found from around the internet.  When someone offered me an invitation, I was all over it. 

Pinned Image

You can’t even begin to imagine how content it made me to have a place to keep my things where I could see them whenever I wanted.  I could sort them and play with them.  Pintrest made me very happy. 

Then I realized that I could re-pin other people’s treasures from around the internet.  I could even download an app to my phone and drool over all the lovelies whenever I had a few spare moments. Life was good. 

It wasn’t too long before my Pintrest habit started taking a toll on me.  I didn’t have time for such mundane things as working, taking care of my family or even sleeping.  I knew I had to do something about it.  Yet, it seemed as if I was powerless to do so.  I told myself I could quit anytime. 

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I can.  I can quit whenever I want.  I just don’t want to. Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got some…um…very important things to take care of. 

If you need an invite (Yes, I’m talking to you Mom!) just let me know and I’ll shoot one off to you. I’m always willing to enable others!  If you are already on Pintrest and want to see what makes me smile, I’m right here

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  1. glossygurl says:

    I love this. I haven’t heard of it before I’m going to scope it out now! Thanks so much!

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