Sleeping On the Job

Twenty-four days.  I blogged for  twenty-four days in a row for NaBloPoMo.  Then, I forgot.  Just when I was finally getting into a rhythm, I forgot all about blogging for a few days.  Um…I’m going to blame it on the pie.  Or maybe the Tofurkey.  Well, not the Tofurkey, because I don’t actually care for it.  (I never really cared for turkey either.)Although, surprisingly, I got a lot of compliments on it.  And on the “grain stuffing” that came with it.  I finally stopped telling people that I didn’t actually make it and very graciously thanked them telling them it was an old family recipe. 

photo (17)             Mimi and my puppy taking a nap and getting cuddles.  (really bad camera shot, but so sweet!)

Now that we’ve properly celebrated and given thanks for all the wonderful things and people in our lives, it’s on to the next holiday.  They just keep coming faster and faster every year!

Don’t worry, the faux-tryptophan is finally wearing off and I’m back on the blogging job.  I’ll be sure to share our December merriment with you…although probably not every day. There’s something to be said about cuddling up with a sweet puppy and sleeping on the job, after all.

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