The Would-be Kitten Fosterers

“How would you feel about fostering some kittens?” Shaun asked me as we were headed to bed. 

“Are you crazy?” I replied, “No.”

“But it would only be temp…”


If the truth be known, I would have loved to foster some kittens.  I just happen to know that if we did so, those foster kittens would manage to weasel their way into our hearts and become part of our family.  I knew I had to nip the very idea of fostering some baby critters in the bud. 

Later the next afternoon, Shaun sent me an email simply asking, “Is the answer still no?”

He had attached that question to a forwarded email from one of his co-workers that explained why these kittens needed fostering.  They were feral and desperately needed to be socialized so that they could be adopted.   

I was starting to cave.  The thought of kittens to cuddle and play with was very hard to resist.  Especially if it would help them find a family to love.

So,  with my usual sassiness, I responded to Shaun’s email with,“Ugh.  For EXACTLY how long? How big is the cage? What happens if Sam eats one or Sissy swipes it across the head and pokes out an eye?”

To anyone that really knows me, I’ve given in and just needed the details.  Fortunately, Shaun’s co-worker has never even met me and simply mentioned to my husband that I had quite a sense of humor.

I found it quite amusing that we never heard anything about fostering those kittens again. 


Nope, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the story. (We didn’t get kittens, how could it?)  I just like it!

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