Wrapping Gifts

I once knew someone that loved to wrap gifts.  Seriously, she would collect and beautifully wrap boxes all year long in preparation for a present to give someone.  She firmly believed that the the packaging was the most important part of the gift.  I wasn’t ever sure if I should be terribly impressed, or to roll my eyes. 

I suppose I agree that the packaging can make a difference.  Yet, I have a slight issue with spending all that time and effort on something that is meant to be ripped to shreds and tossed out.  I’d rather spend all that energy on finding the perfect gift.  Call me lazy, but  for family birthdays and such, my preferred wrapping is a kitchen towel…or maybe a pillowcase if I’m feeling fancy. 

Christmas is different.  Instead of one or two gifts for a special someone, you have a small pile of gifts for everyone, from everyone, piled under a tree.  That makes things complicated. Not only do I not have that many kitchen towels, how would we know what goes to whom?

Traditionally, I put off the tedious task of wrapping gifts until everyone has gone to bed on Christmas Eve.  Wondering why I do this to myself every single year, I pull out my secret treasure trove of presents and start wrapping.  It seems as though I finish up and fall into bed mere minutes before my excited children are anxious to see what Santa has brought.  (Hmmm…maybe I could hire some of his elves?)

This year has been different.  I didn’t get all my shopping done early as I usually do.  So, instead of braving the crowds, I sat down with my laptop and exhausted my finger.  (This had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the letters to Santa I intercepted from my children contained direct links!) Then, those plain brown boxes started showing up on my doorstep. 

photo (20)                                     Yes, this is a horrible photo taken with my phone late at night in my very messy workroom.

Now for me, the sole purpose of wrapping a gift, is to keep the suspense going just a little longer. I just love surprises. Not knowing exactly what was in each of those boxes was driving my crazy. So I made a deal with myself.  I could open those boxes and see what was in them, only if I re-wrapped them in cheerful Christmas paper right away. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I enjoyed this. I got a huge grin each time I discovered what was in each of the boxes (Although it’s wasteful, I’m really glad they sent lots of little boxes instead of one big box!) Suddenly my onerous chore, was fun and exciting.

My only problem, now that all the gifts are wrapped, is what am I supposed to do until the wee hours of the morning as I’m waiting for Santa to arrive? I guess I’ll  need to find a new tradition to keep my occupied. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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6 Responses to Wrapping Gifts

  1. Delores Kirkwood-Boone says:

    You are my kinda gal, Susan. lol I hate wrapping also since paper and ribbon is nearly the price of the gift ! ; )

  2. Frances D says:

    My daughter wraps a gift so beautifully you don’t want to open it.
    Me? I count the ‘gift bag’ as one of mankind’s greatest gifts.
    Much bloglove,

    • Susan says:

      I greatly admire those who can beautifully wrap a gift. I can’t seem to bring myself to use a gift bag. I have no idea why as they look SO nice and are SO easy to use. I drive myself nuts sometimes!

  3. I’m a Christmas Eve wrapper myself–but I start earlier in the day these days!

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