Blame It On Facebook

Last week, Carol of Northwest Ladybug made a post that’s been clanging around in my mind for that last few days.  (I hope you are happy Carol!) Basically, she wrote about how she had started to second guess herself about what would be interesting on her blog.  It was so much easier (and safer) to just jot a little blurb on Facebook.  But…she missed blogging.

“Yeah! I know exactly what you mean,” I told her. (In my head of course, because it was late at night and she wasn’t anywhere around…so maybe I was really talking to me.)

I do know what she means though.  I’ve been feeling the same thing.  A few years ago, one of the best parts of my day was to snuggle down at my computer after the rest of the household had gone to bed and to write a quick little post about my day.  (Well…it usually had more to do with a family member than myself.  They were much more fun to write about…besides, they were busy sleeping and didn’t have any say in what I wrote.)

Then I met Facebook.  It was instant love.  I was thrilled to have contact with so many family members and long lost friends.  With all the chatting, silly games, and forwards going on, it just seemed to make more sense to write a couple sentences, then to go into detail about whatever it was that was going on in our lives.

I’ve been feeling uneasy about leaving out all those little details for a while now.  So many things, that I meant to write down are now forgotten.  I cringe when I struggle to remember those little particulars and find they are just out of reach. 

Mostly though, I miss the writing.  Someone recently told me that writing was hard. I had to think about that for a moment.  I do agree that some writing is hard. But blogging…now that’s just plain fun. 

So I’m going to work harder, to make the time to jot down the slices of my life.  After all, as my tagline says, they are the “moments to be treasured.”  I need to start doing that again, for my own enjoyment…and hopefully yours.  I hope you will be with me to enjoy the moments.  (And possibly egg me on.) 

Thanks again, to Carol, for the inspiration. 


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12 Responses to Blame It On Facebook

  1. Pamela says:

    My enthusiasm has been throttled by life’s happenings… but maybe I’ll get back to blogging regularly sometime soon.

  2. Susan says:

    I hope things get better for you all really soon. It seems like you’ve had one thing after another.

  3. Carol says:

    Wow — I was just scrolling through Facebook and came upon this! Thanks Susan! Isn’t it odd that we used to just simply BLOG as if it was a quick text (or, in our generation’s terms, made a quick call) to a friend? Blogging was almost a stream of consciousness to me back then. And along came Facebook and BOOM! You’re right — it is just so easy. But, like you, I am making a concerted effort to blog like I used to because it isn’t just like Facebook! It’s more like a journal and journaling, unlike facebooking (yes, it’s a verb) is something I’ve done all my life.

    Please so keep blogging! I so enjoy yours!


  4. Lynne says:

    Lots of people are in the same place you are. They’ve stopped blogging and all they do is Facebook. I am exactly the opposite! I can’t stand Facebook. Hate it.

    I hope you keep it up! (Blogging, that is.) I haven’t been inspired lately as I used to be, but I’m still blogging. I’ll egg you on if you egg me on! 😉

  5. Patti says:

    I really enjoy getting to peek into your life so to speak. Would be very happy to get back to daily or weekly “peeks”. and to see a written chronical of your family life.

  6. I’ve never given up on blogging because I do so love to tell the WHOLE story, but I could see how it might happen.

  7. Cheryl says:

    It’s so much easier to blog when you just…blog. The less I do it the less I want to. The more, the more. I’m on a roll at the moment. I’m hoping it lasts because I really do like to write. Plus I want a journal of my life. Facebook and blogging will just have to share.

    • Susan says:

      You’re so right…about everything!

      It’s interesting how many of us have the urge start blogging again. I guess the thrill of just FB is wearing a little thin and isn’t quite enough anymore.

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