Finding The Words

I realize that it is well past January first, the day that we have all decided is the perfect day to announce our resolutions and goals for the coming year.  I’ve never really been one to follow all the rules though. 

Please join me over at Life as A Human to see what my one-and-only goal for this year is.  My guess is that it’s going to surprise you…it certainly surprised me!

Shakespear's Words

Did I mention to click HERE?

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2 Responses to Finding The Words

  1. Lori says:

    I’ll hop on over and read that! I couldn’t reply to you the other day, but wanted to say thanks for the Pinterest invite offer – I finally got the email from them about the same time. Haven’t had time to check it out yet though. Off to read your post…

  2. Al says:

    I always thought that resolutions were made to be broken. In fact we make them so we have something to do (break) in February and then blog about it.

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