Speaking of Serendipity

Ok, maybe we weren’t speaking of serendipity, but we should.  It’s got a great meaning and it just feels good saying it.  Try it.  Let it just roll out of your mouth ser-innnn-dip-it-eee.  It helps if you play by saying the “dip” in different octaves.  (If you are like my husband, you are probably rolling your eyes right about now.  Poor feller…he misses out on so many simple pleasures.)


Last night I was working on a post and everyone was bothering me.  Even the dog was bothering me.  I was really stressing myself out about my new commitment to start posting again.  Then I remembered that I hadn’t committed to writing every single day.  This isn’t the craziness of Nablopomo that I seem to keep signing up for each November. 

No, I reminded myself gently.  This writing, this blog, is for me.  It’s for me to remember all those little moments that I would otherwise forget.  It’s a bit of “ME” time because I do love the simple process of writing, of getting my thoughts down. 

(OK, if I’m being honest here, that wasn’t exactly how it happened. It was more like me muttering about annoying families, then slamming my laptop shut (gently, of course.) and stomping off to bed.  It wasn’t until I was nestled under the blankets that I started reminding myself why I wanted to start blogging again.  It wasn’t my family’s fault that I was a little grumpy.  They aren’t used to me wanting to be alone for a little while in the evenings again.  Hmmm…I wonder if I can establish an eight o’clock bedtime again?)

Anyways.  Back to serendipity.

I came across a blog formed by two teachers that are hosting a Slice of Life Challenge.  They just want kids (and grown-up kids) to write.  Simple as that. 

I’m in.  No pressure to write everyday. (Although they do encourage it.) Just doing what I love to do best. Writing little Slices of Life. 

How’s that for serendipity?


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5 Responses to Speaking of Serendipity

  1. jone says:

    Hi, I felt the seredipity as well to find SOLSC. Here’s to 31 days of writing.

  2. Katie says:

    Ha! You now when I read your line about Serindipity it made me think of that move “The Usual Suspects” when they’re all in the line up and have to read a line, which I won’t repeat here. So funny. You’re right it is for you. No pressure. Just writing.

  3. I’d say that that is perfect timing and definite serendipity, for sure. Sometimes, the writing worlds connect in funny ways. One slice deserves another ..

  4. I stumbled on SOL two years ago and joined the March challenge with my other blog – I got so hooked, I started this blog just for writing. So it is serendipitous – and lovely – (so much easier to spell…)

  5. Karen says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this challenge for you. I’m doing the same – trying to tap back into the writer that has gone underground while I make sure the day to day life things are getting done.
    I love your word – serendipity. That is a perfect word for how I happen to be here also. i heard Ruth Ayres speak last weekend, and realized how much I needed to write again. Serendipity indeed!
    Good luck with your challenge!

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