The Big Five-Oh

When Shaun turned thirty, we threw a surprise party for him.  It was such fun to sneak around, gathering his friends and co-workers in order to celebrate him.  Shaun enjoyed himself, but hated that we all made such a fuss over him. 

This year, I have very specific orders to not make a big deal about today.  Usually I respond to being ordered around by doing the exact opposite.  (It’s just my nature.  Ask my parents who I’m sure would be thrilled to tell you of my many childhood antics. Then again…never mind…don’t ask.  You wouldn’t want to hear about that anyways.)  Yet, because today is special, I have chosen to honor my orders and not make a big deal. 

Today, my husband turns fifty. 


I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that qualifies as old.  Well, my  twenty-year-old self would say that was old. Today, I’m going to go with middle age. Well…maybe the very beginnings of middle age.  Hmmm…I have to think about this one. (Of course Shaun, my favorite overgrown kid, has considered himself middle-aged since he was thirty.)

His only request, other than we not make a Big Deal, is for a key lime pie.


This of course, creates a problem.  A huge ethical problem.  In our family, birthdays are always celebrated with a chocolate cake. (Preferably with German chocolate frosting, but we can be flexible with that.) I’m not sure that I’m willing to break tradition for such a request.  Then again, it is his birthday. 

I’m not so sure I’m going to enjoy this birthday.  After all, I miss out on all the fun of planning a party and I will be deprived of chocolate.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair. 

Wait..this isn’t about me is it? Sigh…

Happy Birthday Shaun! I love you enough to NOT make a big deal about your special day!


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