Not So Foolish April

This morning the dogs woke me up.  They were whining to go outside much earlier than I wanted to get up.  (Granted, one could hardly fault the dogs, as it was a few hours later than I usually am up, but still…  Some mornings are just made for sleeping in.)  I grumbled as I let the dogs out and desperately hoped that this would be the one morning they would want back in within two minutes or so. 

Then I spied Mimi sleeping on the couch.  Apparently she had decided to catch up on her television watching and had fallen asleep there.  (We don’t watch TV during the week in our house.) Realizing that there is a lot of truth to the old cliché that “misery loves company,” I woke her up.  I told her that I thought it was only fair that she let the pups in as I had to come all the way downstairs to let them out. 


Instead of the outrage I expected, Mimi merely gave me a sleepy grin and said, “You’re just lucky I didn’t Saran Wrap you into your room.”

“Um…thank you?” I responded.   

Then Mimi explained to me that she had been planning to trap me with an invisible barrier  as an April Fool’s joke.  She had discussed it with her father, but knowing that I would probably walk into it in the middle of the night, was worried that I would be angry with her.  Honestly, I have no idea if I would have handled it with good humor or not.  I’m glad she decided not to do it though. 

I have to give her credit for coming up with a plan though.  I always want to play April Fool’s Jokes on people.  The only thing is, most pranks seem rather mean-spirited to me. I love to read about them, but never actually want to do them.   (It is possible this has a bit to do with my forgetfulness rather than my gentle nature though.)

The only joke I can ever remember doing, is telling Shaun that I was pregnant.  As I recall, it worked so well the first year, that I repeated it over and over.  Shaun just shook his head at my sad attempts.  I finally stopped about four years after my hysterectomy.  Oh well…

I hope you have a wonderful, prank-free April!



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2 Responses to Not So Foolish April

  1. Lori says:

    Two words: doggie. door. I’d go nuts if I had to get up and down letting the dogs in and out! I forgot it was April Fool’s day Sunday! Darn it. The saran wrap thing is a good one. Yeah, I’ll probably forget next year too.

    • Susan says:

      I DO go nuts! lol

      We had a doggie door in our slider, but one day Animal Control paid us a visit. Apparently someone had called them to complain that our cats were killing “indigenous wildlife.” It wasn’t true (Our cats were talented at attempting to catch critters, but that was about it) yet we still had to keep them on on our property. The only way we could do that was to get rid of the doggie door. Stinks, huh?

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