For the Love of Coffee and a Good Man

Last night I was browsing through Pintrest before bed.  I stumbled across a board about coffee and just had to laugh at some of the silliness posted.  (Just in case you are unaware, it’s pretty much a State Law that you have to be addicted to coffee if you are going to live here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s pretty much the only way we can survive these dreary grey winters.  (Shaun, of course, has a waiver as he turns into a gremlin if he ingests any caffeine at all.)

I’m accustomed to being ignored or at most getting a grunt when I read little quips to my husband. (In return, I generally ignore the dumb jokes he shares with me. It works for us.) I felt like I had scored major humor points when I read this one to Shaun and he actually chuckled.

bring coffee

A moment later, Shaun stood up and started to leave the room. After twenty-odd years with this man, I knew exactly what he was up to. “Not now!” I laughed, “I’d never get to sleep.”I fell asleep, grinning at the thought of Shaun attempting to even turn my coffee maker on, just for the sake of a good laugh.

Usually, I’m the first one up. This isn’t really by choice, but more out of habit. Years of getting up at the Crack o’ Dawn with my girls in their school years has turned me into a reluctant morning person. This morning, however, I somehow managed to sleep in.

Shaun woke me up as he handed me this:


It was a cup of coffee, served in a castle mug (because I am a princess!) and prepared just the way I like it.  I was so touched that he had even remembered our late night teasing that I wasn’t quite sure whether I should laugh or burst into tears.  I chose laughter and all day, I kept smiling when I thought of my coffee in bed.

Shaun called me as he was leaving for work and headed home.  “You love me.” he announced.  “Yes, yes I do,” I answered, knowing exactly why he said that.  “At least until the end of the day,” I continued, “Morning coffee only lasts for twenty-four hours, you know.”

I can’t until morning for my next perfect cup of coffee in bed.  Maybe he’ll bring me a freshly baked pastry to go with it…


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8 Responses to For the Love of Coffee and a Good Man

  1. Debbie Stevens says:

    Now, that is a good man! Lol.

  2. He is a good man, what a lovely post. I love the coffee cup, too! You probably should have a canopy bed.

  3. Pamela says:

    I wrote a post two years ago about my husband bringing me coffee. He makes it often, as he drinks it too. I love my coffee — but, should cut back. I only drink it in the morning is my current defense.

    • Susan says:

      Shaun doesn’t drink it, he’s really sensitive to the caffeine. I love my coffee too, and only drink it in the morning also. Well…unless I get the urge for another cup, or drive past a latte stand, or… tee hee

  4. He sounds like a wonderful man!!!
    (And what a beautiful mug, your castle mug 🙂 !

  5. L. says:

    Awwww …. sweet!

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