Of Cake and Song

I come from a family of singers. So it was really no big surprise when I answered my phone last Thursday morning and was greeting with a rousing rendition of song. This went on all day long. Interspersed among happy emails, Facebook posts and texts were the songs. Always the songs. Have I mentioned that while my nearest and dearest all love to sing, it’s not really our best family traits? Yet nothing brings more joy to my heart then being serenaded with those croaking, squawking, caterwauling, very enthusiastic versions of “Happy Birthday.”


My last song of the day came with a cake and candles. Well…I’m guessing it was a cake, it tasted like a wonderfully decadent chocolate cake.  (I actually think this was a rather adorable fix for a cake that refused to release from the pan) Have I mentioned what a wonderfully talented family I come from?


A day filled with cake and song…could it get much better?  I’m planning on making this a great year!

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4 Responses to Of Cake and Song

  1. A day filled with cake and song? I did not hear the singing 😉 but the cake certainly screams ‘dig in’. What a great way to start ‘another year’. 🙂

    • Susan says:

      My mom always says that she “sings for her own pleasure and everyone else’s amusement.” You didn’t miss too much with the singing, but that cake was yummy!

  2. L. says:

    Hi Susan! I tried to comment on your previous post about the chile but for some reason I never could find a place to leave one. It was weird. So, here I am and this time it’s letting me leave a comment.

    Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a good time and the cake looks pretty interesting!

    I wanted to say that I had no idea that Shaun was from New Mexico, as my hubby also grew up mostly in NM (Ruidoso, Roswell and Artesia) and went to college (New Mexico State) in Las Cruces where his parents now live. I’m well acquainted with Hatch chilies! Yummy!

    Come visit me sometime. My blog is public again!

  3. Susan says:

    I think it’s set up to stop allowing comments after a couple weeks to prevent spammers. I’m not sure how to change it! He just made green chilie last night…too spicy for me, but he’s been enjoying it! I’ll be over!

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