This Summer: A Manifesto

School let out a week ago and I’ve been a little at loose ends as I don’t teach during the summer.  I have a huge lists of projects that need doing, but somehow I’m not terribly inspired to get started.  So this summer I have decided to indulge myself in all the things that I want to do, but generally don’t, for one reason or another.   I have created a list, a manifesto if you will, of my intentions for the next several weeks of summer.  I’d love to hear more suggestions. 

This summer I will pamper my garden. As I weed, I will have lovely chats with the daisies, geraniums and  petunias without worrying what the neighbors…or my daughters…think.  I will grow zucchini and give some to everyone I know.  I will feast on home-grown tomatoes with fresh basil out on the deck.  I will go berry picking and make jam.

This summer I will admire my pedicure as I walk barefoot in the grass and along the shore.  I will wear brightly colored skirts that flutter in the breeze.  I will wear tank tops that allow the sun to kiss my shoulders and cause the freckles to pop out, despite the sunscreen.  I will not worry about the lack of tone in my arms. 

This summer I will finally make that apron I’ve been talking about.  I will read cheesy romance novels and drink sun tea by the gallon.  I will lie in the grass,  stare at the clouds and blow bubbles .  I will play with my dogs. 


This summer I will go wine-tasting and listen to music in the park while picnicking with my friends.  I will strive to make new friends and re-connect with some old ones. I will learn to make the perfect mojito with mint from my herb garden. I will laugh.  A lot.

This summer I will go on a road trip.  I will watch a parade and applaud some fireworks.  I will go to a drive-in movie theater.  I will walk hand and hand with my Beloved.  We will have long talks about nothing in particular and everything in general while going for long rides in the Jeep with the top down.  We will  go star gazing.  We will dance in the kitchen while making dinner and steal kisses.

This summer I will spend time with my parents and work towards writing their stories down.  I will take my mom shopping and not lose my patience when she stares at a wall of pens for twenty minutes.  I will ask my dad to show me his expertise with that Project List that needs to be done.  I will spend time with my girls whenever I get the chance.  I will blog. 


This summer I will hunt for fairies, slay dragons and wish on dandelion seeds.  I will embrace the enchantment of the season and not complain too much about the heat.  This summer will be magical. 

I can’t wait. 

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2 Responses to This Summer: A Manifesto

  1. joannajenkins50 says:

    Wow! Those are some awesome summer plans. How glorious for you… and inspiring. I might write my own manifesto too.

    GREAT post.

    Enjoy summer.

  2. Lori says:

    That sounds wonderful! I have a dumb old job and so between 8AM and 5PM is filled with stupid stuff I don’t want to do. But after that, I love getting in my pool and just floating, so I’m going to try to do more of that.And a couple short camping trips if I can swing it. Hope you do all that fun stuff on your list!

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