With A Cherry On Top

One of my bloggy friends has been participating in a meme called Friday Fragments hosted by the Unknown Mami.  I thought I would invite myself to play along because I’m a joiner like that.  Basically it’s a bunch of random thoughts all bundled into one post.  I have a LOT of random thoughts, just ask Shaun. 

When we first moved to WA there were a couple things that I just didn’t “get”.  One was kettle corn.  I remember seeing people hauling around big bags of popcorn at Halloween parties geared towards kids at Shaun’s work.  I simply couldn’t understand why they were so excited about popcorn of all things.  Then one year I tasted some.  Oh my…all those years of missing out.  Now, of course, kettle corn is all over the place and I love it.  Although I still regret not being a part of that exclusive in-the-know club all those years ago.  Sigh…

Another thing I didn’t understand was Rainer Cherries.  They were sooo spendy and they weren’t even the right color! Who ever heard of a yellow cherry? Eventually I was convinced to try one.  It was love at first bite. Now I eagerly look forward to the cherry sellers alongside the road every year.  YUM!


I always think of my Aunt Mary at cherry time.  We were in Michigan several years ago for a family reunion.  For some reason or another, Aunt Mary was boasting that Traverse City was the Cherry Capital of the world. she said that everyone knew that the best cherries came from Michigan. Then she happened to look down at the container that the cherries we were gobbling up came in.  I still laugh when I think of how baffled she was when she read that those delicious cherries had been grown in Wenatchee, WA. 

I say “Cherry Time” because fresh cherries have a very short season.  It’s so sad. 

One of the best parts of eating cherries is spitting out the pit.  Well at least for most people.  I’m pretty awful at spitting things  I’m going to blame it on the fact that I can’t roll my tongue.  Which is genetic.  Therefore, it is not my fault that I can’t spit pits beyond my chin.

One time Shaun and I were driving down a dusty country road, just enjoying each other’s company and eating cherries.  We were both spitting the pits out my window.  (Shaun can roll his tongue, thus he is genetically a champion Spitter.) Then Shaun got the brilliant idea that I should spit my pits out his window.  (Do you see where this is going?)  Of course I protested,  I know my limits.  Finally, my persuasive husband managed to convince me to spit across him and out his window.  Only my spitty pit only made it as far as Shaun’s cheek.  Oops…

That’s enough random thoughts about cherries.  I think I’ll go eat a few more!

Be sure to visit Unknown Mami for more Friday Frags. (I doubt they are all about cherries!)



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13 Responses to With A Cherry On Top

  1. Lynne says:

    Does your genetic inability to spit pits mean you can’t whistle either? Just wondering …
    P.S. I love Rainier cherries! Pricey, yes. Delicious, yes!!

    Glad to see you finding your voice!

  2. Edie says:

    I loved Rainier cherries until I went to buy them this year. Here, this year, they cost upward of $6.99 a pond. That’s a pretty big difference from last year’s $3.99…so no Rainier cherries for me this year and now you have me really wanting them. By the way, spitting cherry pits out car windows is called “randomly planting cherry trees” in more delicate terms

    • Susan says:

      I think you should splurge at least once this summer! Thanks for the spitting euphemism. It does sound so much more lady-like.

      • Edie says:

        Of course I don’t know the demure way of saying you spit the cherry pit at Shaun’s cheek…but then I suppose it could take root in his beard.

  3. Debbie says:

    I LOVE rainier cherries! They’re the best!

  4. Rainer cherries are the best. I discovered them about 15 years ago and can’t get enough!

    Happy weekend, jj

  5. Keetha says:

    First just let me say I LOVE RAINER CHERRIES no matter what they cost. LIVE

    Secondly, thanks for joining FF’s – no invite necessary!!!! I hope you had such a good time of it you become a regular!!!

  6. Lori says:

    So glad you’re on board for Friday Frags! Sometimes it’s the only post I manage to do in a week and it’s nice I can just throw random stuff from the week all together.
    I’ve never tried a Ranier cherry, but I will have to now. We’re going camping next week, so I hope to see some fruit stands along the way and I’ll look for them. Your cherry pit story reminded me of when me and my brother were young, riding in the back of the car, spitting pits at each other. I spit one right into his belly button!

  7. Unknown Mami says:

    I’m pretty bad at spitting as well. I have been known to spit stuff on myself.

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