Hello Fall

It seems as though summer has flown by in a busy haze.  It was lovely. Full of sunshine, good friends and family.  Now I find myself looking forward to autumn and the structure and routines that always come with it. 


Although, to be honest, I’m not so sure how that’s going to work this year.  The routines always came with the beginning of the school year.  And I have no child going off to school.  Our KT has left for her senior year of college  (How on EARTH has that happened already??) at the end of August and our Mimi has been attending the Gene Juarez Academy since April. 

If I had to choose a favorite season, I’d have to go with fall. I’m so glad it’s here. There is something about it that just makes my heart happy.  I relish the crispness in the air, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and that nearly indescribable smell that permeates the air and just screams fall to me.  Not to mention the yearly appearance of a certain seasonal latte that I just can’t seem resist. 


This is the time of year to dig out my jeans, snuggly socks, and fleece.  (My husband Shaun doesn’t bother with that stuff.  He wears shorts and sandals year round. I keep waiting for him to loose a toe to frostbite.)  I need to harvest the last of my tomatoes, and plant some mums and pansies before putting the rest of my garden to bed for winter.  My fingers are itching to fill the house with the spicy aroma of baked goods and simmering stews. 

For someone who whines and complains to anyone that will listen (and some, like Shaun, who doesn’t.) about how much I dislike change, I truly embrace this season of transition. 


Welcome fall!

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