Define Interesting

Shaun and I were out running errands this afternoon. He was listening to the classic rock station and giving me a mini-lesson about some obscure band that I was largely ignoring. We came to a stop light and he turned to give me his full attention. Apparently, I didn’t have very pleasant look on my face because he was suddenly very concerned and wanted to know why I was scowling. Of course I denied that I was scowling. I informed my husband that I was just thinking, and was also wondering when he was going to do something interesting.

“Interesting?” he asked. “What do you mean, interesting? I’m always interesting.” I told him that while I was very happy with his confidence level, I needed something more from him than his vast knowledge of the band MouseRat or whoever.

“Wait a minute! This is about your blog isn’t it?” he shouted and began waving his arms around in agitation. “This is too much pressure, I can’t do this!” I explained that he was all I had left now that the girls were rarely home. I needed him for some good blog material…especially as I had committed to blogging every day. And besides, I mollified him, he was the most interesting person I knew.

As we pulled into the Sushiland parking lot for lunch a short while later, I asked Shaun if he thought the waiter was going to ask to pet his beard again. (OK, to be honest here, I’m not sure it that is an interesting thing or a weird thing to happen to someone.)

“My beard!” Shaun said, “You can write about my beard, that’s interesting.”

“It’s not interesting.” I answered, “You know how I feel about that thing. I will write about it when you shave it off.”

Hmmm…I do find it interesting that somehow, the beard is still there and I’m writing about it.


At least I get to post an interesting snapshot of Shaun wearing wax lips….


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