My Little Secret

There is something fundamentally wrong with getting up before the Crack Of Dawn. It’s doubly wrong when the day you do this happens to be a Saturday. Yet, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and crawl out of bed to take care of things. In this instance, the thing I had to take care of was a delicious secret I had been savoring for weeks.

About a month ago, I called KT who is off at college. I told her that her sister Mimi’s graduation ceremony was coming up, and was wondering what her schedule looked like. I then informed her that she wouldn’t be getting an invitation, as Mimi had already come to the conclusion that KT either wouldn’t want, or be able to come. I thought she should at least be given the chance to decide for herself.

Of course KT was excited to see her baby sister’s graduation. Luckily, those dates happened to one of the better times for her to come. I agreed to fly her home in order to save her ten hours of driving time that could otherwise be used for studying. As we made the finalized the ticket purchase, I came up with a brilliant idea. We wouldn’t tell anyone she was coming! KT just laughed at me and wished me luck with keeping that secret.

Now, I’m really good at keeping secrets. People tell me things all the time, and I’m never even tempted to repeat their words. It soon became apparent to me that all those secrets I keep, are nothing compared to the fact that my eldest daughter was coming home for a weekend. There were so many times that it started to slip…not being able to share my secret was driving me bonkers. I had to tell someone, so all my girlfriends knew, the cashiers at the grocery store knew, and even complete strangers knew! Telling them helped, but it still wasn’t the same as telling my family.

Two days before Mimi’s ceremony, she started to seriously regret the fact that she hadn’t invited anyone. We have no family nearby, but we do have some wonderful family friends. I suggested that she invite some of them to come. She shook her head, not wanting to give so little notice. I finally took pity on her and shared my closely guarded secret. Mimi was so touched that she started to cry tears of happiness that her sister would actually come for her.

The next morning, I giggled to myself as I quietly crept out of bed and dressed to go to the airport. Just the very thought of what Shaun’s face would look like when he got up to find KT sitting in the front room negated my deep aversion to those early morning hours.

Some secrets are definitely worth getting up for.

Photo: Tonight I got to watch Meghan graduate from Gene Juarez Academy. She's embarking on an adventure she's wanted to pursue since she was little.

I was incredibly proud as she was bestowed with the honors she's earned through hard work and dedication.

My beautiful girls!


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9 Responses to My Little Secret

  1. @Kellylou says:

    Love it, and so glad your secret brought so much happiness to Mimi when she was feeling down! Surprises like this are the best. 🙂

  2. What a sweet surprise – and I love that you couldn’t keep it a secret – usually that doesn’t matter at all in the end.

  3. mary hickey says:

    love it and glad Mimi got to share with her family xxx

  4. Amy Rudd says:

    I would have trouble keeping that secret…I like how you revealed it…glad you got to spend time with your daughters. As a mom, I know that would mean so much.

  5. loraleebain says:

    What a wonderful story!

  6. Lovely secret but I had to chuckle at how hard those special secrets are to keep hidden. When I was little I could never wait until the day of my mother’s birthday for her to open her present. She often got it the day before. I just couldn’t keep it hidden for that long! LOL!

  7. Kathy says:

    This is great! And I get it — keeping a secret like that is like buying someone a really great Christmas present and you’re so excited you give it to them in October!

  8. Kim McKaig says:

    So much fun! I did hope that K had flown in when I saw that the pass was closed Monday morning.

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