The End of a Chapter

Yesterday morning Shaun loaded up the car while I ran around the house turning off lights, jotting a quick note to the house-sitter and hugging the hounds goodbye.  Within moments we were joining the masses headed across the pass for Memorial Weekend.  A quick glance at our fellow travelers, those towing boats and campers, or loaded with kayaks and bikes were off for a long weekend of fun.   We intended to have fun, but of a different sort.  You see, this weekend, after four very short years, our girl will be graduating.

I was getting sad thinking to myself that we would never head over to KT’s college again, when Shaun decided to play, “Reminisce.” (He actually likes to play this quite a bit) He began regaling me with all the anecdotes I’ve heard a zillion times before. His voice was growing horse by the time he got to seeing “Toy Story 3” a few weeks before KT headed off for school. It just so happens that Andy, the main character is the same age as our girl. In the last “Toy Story,” Andy headed off to college. I’m sure many people were confused as to why our entire family was sobbing as we headed out of the theater.

Then the day came that we had to actually leave our KT outside of her dorm.


It was almost more than we could bear.  Yet we were happy to see the smile she gave us as Shaun asked her to pose for this one last shot. 

When I look as this photo now, I see a very young girl, just starting a new section of her life.  Her fist is clenched tight as though holding in all of her thoughts and anxious feelings.  I look at my confident girl of today and can only wonder what the next chapter will hold for her.  This is so exiting. 

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