I Worry

For the most part, I’m a go-with-the-flow type of person. I realize that worrying doesn’t help anything, and usually gets folks upset about nothing. Yet, sometimes I realize that my shoulders are clenched and aching. That’s when I know that I have too many things bothering me and I need to let some of them go.

I worry about suddenly blogging so much. Despite my declaration that I’m writing for myself, I dread boring people to tears. I worry that those that have chosen to have emails containing blog posts sent to them are feeling spammed. I hate spam.

I worry about the hole in the front of my house.  After the initial boarding up, insurance seems to be moving at a snail’s pace.  I’d like to have windows again.  And my landscaping fixed.  

I worry about Mimi being on a cruise ship so far away from me. The ship has already had to have repairs from hitting a sandbar. And everyone knows about nasty viruses spreading like wildfire on board ship. I’m sure she’s having a wonderful time…but still…I worry.

I worry about what my crazy grandpuppy has done while I’m away from home. Today I came home to a partially chewed pair of shoes. It’s like having a small child…with teeth.

I worry about KT getting ready to leave for vet school. I’ve gotten used to having her around and seeing her at least once a week or so. Once again, I’m sure she will be fine…but still, a mother worries.

Mostly, I worry about my parents right now. My dad is currently in the hospital after having what should have been a simple procedure done. There were complications and now they are keeping him for a few nights. I worry about my mom, sitting alone in the hospital room with him. I’m sure she’s worried too.

Like having a good cry, expressing my worries seems to have loosened the tension in my shoulders. I feel a little better now.  A nice glass of red will help even more.


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4 Responses to I Worry

  1. englishbeat2 says:

    Thank you for sharing your worries. I am always worried! I am already behind in this SOL, missing several days, but you have inspired me to get back up- I am not alone in my struggles!

  2. VanessaVaile says:

    SoL could have a whole worriers section. I am so behind elsewhere that I worry about that and why I am slicing (a change of pace, something else to worry about?) I’d been hanging in/on and under the wire until last night when my computer cursor froze and I, more or less ready to slice, crashed with it around 8 pm (waking up around 4:30 am. Today would be a good day for early slicing.

  3. Sousca X says:

    “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”
    John Milton

  4. shammy says:

    It’s human nature to worry. But sometimes those worries can get overwhelming. Yes, I agree, a glass of red. But only ONE glass.

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