It’s Time

Shortly after I posted my story about last year’s New Year’s Resolution, you know, the one about how it took me an entire year to make a simple apron, Shaun started asking me what my resolution for this year was going to be. He wanted to know, and may have been strongly hinting that it was to start blogging again. I just smiled and told him I hadn’t decided yet.

The fact was, that I had already decided that I was going to write every single day this year. It didn’t have to be a blog post. It could be something in my journal, a letter, a list…anything as long as I got myself in the habit of writing again. Sadly, my secret writing streak only lasted about two weeks. Apparently, I just wasn’t ready to start writing again.

Yet, I wanted to write. My imagination would take a simple little happening, a Slice of My Life, if you will, and started spinning it into a little story. My fingers would start to twitch and I would reach for the composition notebook that I haul around with my at all times. Somehow…the words would never quite make it onto the paper. The more times that happened, the harder it got to be. Writing was no longer flowing out of me.

I started to notice that every time I made the firm decision to set aside my keyboard, pen and paper, someone would come along and ask when I was going to blog again. Or even mention that they missed my stories. It amazes me how many people enjoyed and miss my writing. People that I had no idea were even aware that I had a blog. So, for them, I would buck up and decide to write something. Still, the words always felt choppy and just stayed in my notebook.

Although my poor blog is sadly dusty and neglected, I still enjoy scrolling my blog feed page. I enjoy peeking in on the world of my blog friends that are still posting, as well as several other interesting blogs I have found along the way. This evening it dawned on me that the month-long Slice Of Life challenge started today.


Something in me surged up, “It’s time!” my soul sang out.

I have a lot of stories that I have been wanting to write. Yet…just didn’t. This month I’m going to write them down. I won’t worry if the words seem wrong or don’t flow the way I want them to. I’m just going to write them down. Only this time, my main audience will be myself. This month, I’m writing for me.

And you, Dear Reader are more than welcome to tag along to see what I come up with.

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7 Responses to It’s Time

  1. I’m delighted you decided to jump in and take on the challenge! Welcome to our ultra marathon of writing. 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    YAY, Miss Susie!! Will look forward to seeing you posts again. 🙂

  3. Great! Hopefully your stories will inspire some of my own. I love how you have decided to not “worry if the words seem wrong or don’t flow the way I want them to. I’m just going to write them down.” For you [and us, in the slice]. I’ve called this type of writing my “elbow grease” — after Peter Elbow — to just let the writing flow. We can fine-tune them later. Thanks for sharing, and have fun.

  4. shammy says:

    What a grand idea….. maybe I’ll try it too, but not right now…. hehehe

  5. lindalla says:

    Awesome Girl! Glad to hear it. Thanks for the comment – I gave you a shout out on my post!

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