It’s June

This past week or so has been glorious. As in bright, sunny, wonderfully warm, this must be-the-middle-of-summer, take-the-top-off-your-Jeep because it’s sooo glorious. Then this morning when I let the dogs out, I couldn’t help but notice that the skies were back to the lovely Seattle grey that we are so accustomed to.

“It’s ok,” I told myself staring up toward the heavens, “Today is the first day of June…this is merely June Gloom, the sun will be shining again before you know it.” Then the first drop of rain fell in my eye.


I never did see the sun today.

In all honesty, that’s okay. Well, mostly okay. You see, Seattle is not supposed to be sunny in June. In fact, local lore insists that summer doesn’t start until July 5th. Amazingly, this is pretty accurate. I can’t tell you how many 4th of July BBQs have been held on gloomy days. The firework displays are nearly always bursting on an overcast background. Then the next day? Poof! It’s summer.

In the meantime, my fledgling garden will enjoy the sunshine we do get and all my wonderful weeds (and a few intentional plants) will thrive with the rain.

Happy June!

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