Blogging, Tech Support and Fairy Godmothers

One would think that it would be a fairly simple process to start blogging again. Just a bit of time at the keyboard, struggling to write a somewhat interesting story, do a quick scan for grammar, spelling and any other typos (husbands are generally very good at that sort of thing.), hit publish, then go on your merry way.


Boy was I in for a surprise. Once I managed to write something that I could live with, I squinted up my face, and whispered a little prayer that folks would still like what I had to say and sent it out into the world. Sadly, my first blog post in forever didn’t go very far. It just…kinda…settled down into one of the odd little nooks and crannies in the World Wide Web.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a strong techie person. My brain simply isn’t that logical. At one point in time, I could figure things out, but it was never something I enjoyed. Still, I needed to fix this, so my good friend, Google and I got to work. We figured out that my blog was running an outdated version of PHP. (I STILL have no idea what that is!) I found a website that said my web host provider should have been keeping that up to date. So, I contacted my domain provider. Mostly because I didn’t know the difference, and I had to start somewhere.

I started a “chat” with the most amazingly patient person you could ever imagine. I’m fairly certain that they were rolling their eyes as they answered all of my inane questions, and explained things to me with analogies that I could understand. They even went in with a magic wand (Or at least that’s what I envisioned) and coaxed the blog out of the cranny it was hiding in so that the world could see it. I was so impressed that this person went out of their way to help me with something that had absolutely nothing to do with their company that…well… I completely forgot what they said I had to do.

So, I contacted my Geeky Fairy Godmother, Edie. (She once made me drive her around to all the techie companies here in Seattle so that she could pose as a ballerina in front of them!) She did a little bit of hocus pocus behind the scenes and told me I was several version behind, and to just not worry about it until I came back from my Epic Trek Across England.

That seems like a simple process to me. Besides, who am I to argue with a Fairly Godmother?


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4 Responses to Blogging, Tech Support and Fairy Godmothers

  1. Aleta S says:

    I am looking forward to your interesting posts.

  2. John lamp says:

    Always glad to hear from my baby,welcome back

  3. Patti lamp says:

    Oh great, after a long period of blubbering about how you come to have so much smarts ,,when i posted my reply and it went somewhere..not sure where so i wrote another.

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