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Yes, I realize this is traditionally an "about ME" page, but I don’t usually pay much attention to conventions.  This blog is about my family so it seems important to include them.  (Besides, aren’t you snoopy enough to want to know all about them too?)

First on the list is my husband Shaun. After being together for nearly  twenty years, he is both the love of my life and the  bane of my existence.  By day he works hard "pushing buttons" as one of our daughters coined the computer facebook-shaun.jpgprogrammer occupation.  By night and weekends he delights in tormenting us all.  As aggravating as he can be, he is the only man in the world that has managed to keep my attention for more than a week or two.   You can read a little more about him here.

KT is our oldest child.  Although it seems as though she were just born yesterday, she’s nearly sixteen years old.  KT is one the most defacebook kttermined and focused people I’ve ever met.  She is also one of those rare individuals that is truly doesn’t care what others think about her.  She volunteers at our local aquarium, is proud to be a vegan, loves Disney princesses and adores certain romantic fictional characters.  (And she doesn’t even seem to mind when we poke fun at her about them) We often refer to her as our "guinea pig" as she’s our first attempt at parenting.  So far, it seems as though we’ve done a pretty good job.

One of the things I love most about our little Mimi is her quirky aaamimi personality.   She is a very intense person and more than a little bit of a Drama Queen, but you always, always know exactly where you stand with her.  She hates being told what to do and always needs to know why she can or can’t do something.  She can be as sweet and loveable as can be one moment and in full temper tantrum in the next.  (I’m pretty sure it has something to do with all that red hair)  We still call her the Baby and probably will even when she’s old and gray.  (Of course, I’m not planning on getting old and gray)

And then there’s me.  To semi-quote one of my favorite authors,  I’m the "branmefor avatar muffin that allows everyone else to be a fruit pastry".  This may  seem a bit derogatory, but it’s pretty accurate.   I’m the one who’s grounded and down-to-earth.  I tend to sit back and just watch the goings on of my loud and boisterous family.  (Desperately wishing for ear plugs) They usually drag me in with them and, amazingly, I almost always have a great time.  (And something to blog about!)

That’s us in a nutshell.  (Well, we also have a whole slew of critters that live with us, just don’t tell Shaun I’m not writing them up as family)

Come on in and join the fun!

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