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My Favorite Possession

I was just over two years old when I received the toy that I loved the very most. It came wrapped in a soft white cloth with blue strips. I was told to sit down and carefully hold out my … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity

“Mom!” shouted Mimi, “Did you know that this Sunday is Mother’s Day?” “What?” I asked as a shot of adrenaline shot through my body. How could it possibly be Mother’s Day already I wondered to myself. My panicked thoughts were … Continue reading

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Peace and Quiet

Somehow, I ended up with a very loud family. (I completely blame my husband for this!) Whenever my growing kids got a little too loud, I may have threatened to run away to the library. To my introverted, quiet-seeking way … Continue reading

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Hello! Remember me?

Hello Friends! It’s been a while since I’ve seriously thought about blogging again. It was such a huge part of my life for so long…and then Facebook came along. It seemed so much simpler to just write a few lines … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties!

I had ever intention of blogging everyday, but that just wasn’t happening due to incredibly frustrating technical difficulties and just plain being busy climbing mountains! If you are interested in my story, I’d suggest checking out my Instagram page <a … Continue reading

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Susan and I arrived at Heathrow yesterday afternoon. It always amazes me how exhausting it is to travel even if you are mostly just sitting. My Partner-in-Crime insisted that the best way to adjust ourselves to local time was to … Continue reading

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Blogging, Tech Support and Fairy Godmothers

One would think that it would be a fairly simple process to start blogging again. Just a bit of time at the keyboard, struggling to write a somewhat interesting story, do a quick scan for grammar, spelling and any other … Continue reading

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Being Impulsive

A little over a year ago, my friend Susan, who lives in San Diego, called me, as she often does. She had read an article in her local newspaper about something called the Coast to Coast Trail in England. She … Continue reading

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Those Dashing Young Men

Note: This is a repost from  November 10, 2011  It seems apt to post it today. When I was about twelve or thirteen, one of my girl friends and I were allowed to take the city bus to Third Avenue.  … Continue reading

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Magical Fall

When I was a young girl, I had come to the conclusion that the magical changing of the leaf colors in autumn was due to the work of an elusive woodland elf. In my mind, his name was Henry. He, … Continue reading

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