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The Plants and I

I suppose I should admit that I wasn’t always interested in plants. In fact, I did my very best to be somewhere, anywhere, else all those weekend mornings that my dad held reveille at the crack of dawn. Dad had … Continue reading

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Sheer Joy

My fingers have been itching. They want to write again. I look at them and remind them that there’s no time to sit and simply write for the sheer joy of writing. Then I pause a moment, and wonder at … Continue reading

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Cookie Logic

I’d been trying my best to eat healthier for the past few months. In the summer, with the easy outdoor living and abundance of fresh fruit and veggies everywhere you looked, it was fairly simple. As the seasons changed, I … Continue reading

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It’s June

This past week or so has been glorious. As in bright, sunny, wonderfully warm, this must be-the-middle-of-summer, take-the-top-off-your-Jeep because it’s sooo glorious. Then this morning when I let the dogs out, I couldn’t help but notice that the skies were … Continue reading

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I Worry

For the most part, I’m a go-with-the-flow type of person. I realize that worrying doesn’t help anything, and usually gets folks upset about nothing. Yet, sometimes I realize that my shoulders are clenched and aching. That’s when I know that … Continue reading

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Old Red

I looked up at the grey skies and sighed. The rain is supposed to come back tonight. After being spoiled by sunshine and beautiful blue skies, it’s a little hard to accept our usual sodden gloom. I looked outside at … Continue reading

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Is It Summer Yet?

“Are you sure you guys don’t want to grill tonight?” texted my oldest daughter Kaitie. “Um…were we thinking about that?” I replied. “I was!” She was right, we have been having a glorious winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Today … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine

This morning I heard my oldest daughter KT get up and ask the dogs if they wanted to go outside. I smiled at the thought of being able to sleep in for a little while longer without having to get … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday I was wondering what to write about.  I set about really paying attention to my day in order to have something interesting to say.  I came up with a couple good ideas…enough to last me a day or two … Continue reading

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I’ve been staring at the screen on my computer, wondering what on earth I’m going to write about tonight. The urge to just blow it off is strong. After all, I haven’t written anything at all in quite some time, … Continue reading

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