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A Sweet Tradition

A couple weeks ago, I set a loose goal for myself to bake some sort of bread about once a week. I had no particular reason to do this…it was just one of those things. (What? You don’t get crazy … Continue reading

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The Chili Lover

Shaun and I had been dating long enough for me to realize that he was The One, when I decided to treat him to my World Famous Chili. He watched with an odd expression on his face as I sautéed … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pie

Despite the fact that we are going to the home of some friends for Thanksgiving dinner, I have been busy creating vegan options for my family to dine on.  One of the things I decided to experiment with whip up … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have so  much to be thankful for.  A warm home, loving husband, two beautiful daughters, way too many critters, deep friendships and well…what more could I possibly need? How about a cornucopia filled with pineapple, lemons and watermelon? (Thank … Continue reading

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Cooking With Mimi

Our Little Mimi had gone into the kitchen to make herself a mid-day snack.  She had tried her best to get me to make it for her but I was very busy playing Bejeweled doing some Very Important Things and … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Nothin’ Like Mama’s

One of Mimi’s favorite foods is beans.  She gobbles them down in any shape or form (Which can make life rather…um…aromatic…at times) Her most favorite beans, however, are my World(ish) Famous Baked Beans. As I was preparing to make a … Continue reading

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VegFest 2010

This weekend we attended our second Vegfest.  For those of you that are thinking this may have been a chance to veg out in a huge exhibition hall with hundreds of other folks…sort of a Woodstock without the bands…or the … Continue reading

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The Spaghetti Slurpers

Last night at dinner, Mimi gathered up a fork full of spaghetti noodles and started bringing them towards her mouth.  Halfway there, she abruptly stopped and carefully picked up one sauce laden noodle.  As the pasta dangled in midair . … Continue reading

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And They Called It Pumpkin Love…

Title apologies to Donny Osmond…I just couldn’t help it! (Did anyone else hope he’s showcase purple socks on dwts?) It all started back in October…no, I take that back…I think it really started way back in June or July.  That’s … Continue reading

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Memories To Be Thankful For

Early this morning, when all the house was still asleep, I started procrastinating searching for Important Things on the internet.   I accidently found myself doing a little bit of blog-hopping when I came across a post that touched me deeply.   … Continue reading

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