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Thanks For The Memories

I was late calling my parents for Thanksgiving. The day had has been a non-stop whirlwind of activity and had just gotten away from me. So I called them on Friday hoping that they weren’t upset that I was behind … Continue reading

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Sleeping On the Job

Twenty-four days.  I blogged for  twenty-four days in a row for NaBloPoMo.  Then, I forgot.  Just when I was finally getting into a rhythm, I forgot all about blogging for a few days.  Um…I’m going to blame it on the … Continue reading

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My Grand-Turtle Terry

For Parent’s Weekend, one of our tasks was to bring our daughter her Mississippi Map Turtle.  We had purchased Terry the Turtle on a whim when we flew KT home for the Reptile Expo back in October. I have to … Continue reading

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Happy Day

It was a busy, busy day ending with picking our KT up from her long bus ride from school  We get to keep her for a week!  I’ll leave you with this photo Shaun took a couple days ago with … Continue reading

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The Would-be Kitten Fosterers

“How would you feel about fostering some kittens?” Shaun asked me as we were headed to bed.  “Are you crazy?” I replied, “No.” “But it would only be temp…” “NO.” If the truth be known, I would have loved to … Continue reading

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My Near Death Experience

This evening I called Shaun and told him I needed him to hurry home from work to rescue me.  We had been invaded by a Man Eating Slug. I had to keep an eye on it to make sure it … Continue reading

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Tales of a Naughty Puppy

Our puppy Sam has officially reached the really, really naughty stage.  He’s finally figured out that there are just some things that he’s not allowed to do…and he doesn’t care.  Well, he does care, but only if he gets caught.  … Continue reading

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A Rather Different Easter

Earlier this week, Mimi reminded me that there was only a few more days until Easter as she looked pointedly at the gaily decorated display of Easter Baskets in the store we were in.  I merely looked at her  and … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Magical Leprechaun

It was several years ago today that I first met him.  Although he would argue that the correct word would be “rescue” instead of “met”. You see, I was just walking along, minding my own business when I heard what … Continue reading

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Shoe Chewing Mutt

Our puppy Sam has passed from the sweet and adorable stage (yes, I do have pictures of that sweet week or so, but I don’t seem to have access to them right now…stay tuned!) to the naughty monster stage.  He … Continue reading

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