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A day at the zoo

For today’s adventure, we decided to celebrate yet another glorious, sunny day with a trip to the zoo.  Not our normal, Woodland Park Zoo mind you.  Nope, we went to the Port Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  (For some reason it … Continue reading

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A midwinter trip to the beach

We’ve been on mid-winter break this week.   I have no idea why we have mid-winter break,  but after ten years of it, I’m finally starting to accept it…and perhaps even embrace it.  We couldn’t have better weather for it.  The … Continue reading

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In Sickness And In Health

As I recall, part of our marriage vows referred to loving each other in sickness and in health.  I’m pretty sure that those vows were referring to our state of health, but that’s not really how we use that vow. … Continue reading

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Furry and Scaly

For this week’s Fun Monday, Lisa wants to meet our furry or scaly pals.  Little does she know, we have both…lots and lots of both.  I asked Shaun if he had any photos of all of our critters and he … Continue reading

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To Outwit A Cat

I didn’t grow up with animals.  Having pets is something that my father doesn’t believe in. (As if pet ownership is part of some strange cult-ish religion to scorn) So naturally as soon as I had my own apartment I … Continue reading

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A Funny Pillow

This is our cat Sissy who seems to think that sitting on my lap and using the laptop for a pillow is the most comfortable place in the house!

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Dining on an Elephant

Shaun is and always has been my biggest fan.   It’s because of him that I even blog at all.   Now that I’ve planted the seed of writing some sort of book, he’s all for it.  He doesn’t just believe that … Continue reading

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Last night I woke up from a horrible nightmare.  I had dreamt that Shaun had been off-roading and had lost control of the Big Orange Jeep.  I watched as he rolled over and over and then perished in a blaze … Continue reading

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It's not quite later yet…

I know I was supposed to come back and tell you more about my wonderful memories of summers with G&G, but well…it’s not quite later enough yet.  Mimi and I are currently up with my folks (and those trees!) so we … Continue reading

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Bathing Buddy

Since becoming an inside cat a couple months ago, our cat Buddy had really let himself go.  He pretty much just laid around the house sleeping.  He’d gained weight and his personal hygiene had really gone downhill.  Our sweet boy … Continue reading

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