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Sam’s New Trick

We recently enrolled our dog Sam in Puppy School…again.  This will be his third time. In theory, Sam seems to have the basics down. When we tell him to “sit,” he does…at least when he feels like it.  At the … Continue reading

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Must Eat Brains

Our family seems to have a long history of zombies…well at least the men in our family.  (us girls have way too much common sense for that!) My husband Shaun has even managed to earn the name “Uncle Zombie” from … Continue reading

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Happy June!

Holy cow, wasn’t it just Christmas? How can it be June already? Time really is flying by… I had a post nearly ready to go…then I realized that I really didn’t like it.  Something about it seemed “off” and to … Continue reading

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Tales of a Naughty Puppy

Our puppy Sam has officially reached the really, really naughty stage.  He’s finally figured out that there are just some things that he’s not allowed to do…and he doesn’t care.  Well, he does care, but only if he gets caught.  … Continue reading

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