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Thankful Memories

Over dinner last night, I mentioned that I felt so bad for Thanksgiving as it is a forgotten holiday.  My family wasn’t buying into my thoughts about November’s holiday.  Everyone knows about Thanksgiving and everyone loves to enjoy a feast … Continue reading

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My Grand-Turtle Terry

For Parent’s Weekend, one of our tasks was to bring our daughter her Mississippi Map Turtle.  We had purchased Terry the Turtle on a whim when we flew KT home for the Reptile Expo back in October. I have to … Continue reading

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Glory Days

My daughter and I were out and about running errands when she decided to switch the radio station. She pressed it a few times pausing briefly before pushing the button yet again in search of one that could hold her … Continue reading

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How to Embarrass Your Child…Without Really Trying

As my child has gotten older, soccer season lasts longer and longer.  In fact, sometimes it lasts longer than us devoted parents really want to be out watching the game.  Yet, because we are devoted parents, we still go and … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Photograph

I was grumbling to myself wondering what on earth I was going to post about tonight.  It’s only day four of Nablopomo and I had convinced myself that my brain was exhausted.  One wouldn’t think something so simple as writing … Continue reading

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This September Morning

This morning was Mimi’s first soccer game of the season.  As I basked in the warm sun, cheering on our team and chatting with the other parents, I paused for a moment…just to reflect on how truly wonderful life was.  … Continue reading

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The Last First Day

It was a major struggle to climb out of bed this morning.  We had done just as we do every summer the moment school lets out…revert into “Night Owl” mode.  Our entire family seems happiest staying up until the wee … Continue reading

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A Pocket For KT

KT was looking through her clothes trying to decide which outfit she wanted to wear when she went out later that evening.   I was doing my very best to ignore her as I concentrated on my Very Important Work (Which … Continue reading

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Apparently, I’m A Hipster

“So, remember that show that I like? Project Runway?” I asked my husband. “Um…yeah?” he answered warily.  “Well, last night was the season premier and it was all over Blogland.” “But…you like to watch that show, so that’s a good … Continue reading

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Those Teachable Moments…

When one of the headlights in the van Mimi drives burnt out, I knew it was one of those “teachable moments” that every decent parent is honor-bound to take advantage of.  “Come on Mimi” I said holding a brand new … Continue reading

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