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The Most Important Meal of the Day

“Hi Mom!” KT said as she came into the kitchen fresh from a shower.  “What’s for breakfast?” “Breakfast?” I asked, “Um…how about coffee?”  “Mo-o-o-o-o-o-m.”  My daughter hadn’t even been home from college for a full day and already she expected … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have so  much to be thankful for.  A warm home, loving husband, two beautiful daughters, way too many critters, deep friendships and well…what more could I possibly need? How about a cornucopia filled with pineapple, lemons and watermelon? (Thank … Continue reading

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Mashed Potatoes and Chilaquiles

Nearly a year ago I received a message on Facebook from someone I had known in junior high school.  It was amazing how easily the fifty-thousand or so years it had been since we had last seen each other fell … Continue reading

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Dinner Time

Shaun came bounding up the stairs as he always does, drawn by the smell of dinner nearly ready to be put on the table. “It smells good,” he said, peering over my shoulder and into the pan I was rapidly … Continue reading

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Flying Cars and Popcorn Balls

Shortly before Christmas, my oldest daughter Kaitie sadly informed me that my gift from her was going to be late.  As one who has been the recipient of such treasures as beautifully crafted macaroni necklaces and meticulously painted rocks, waiting … Continue reading

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Take Yer Daughter to Work Day—Kinda

When Mimi realized that I had work on Friday, and she didn’t have school, my child immediately decided that I needed a Sous Chef.  (or maybe it’s Assistant Instructor? {I teach an adult/child cooking class on Fridays}) I agreed to … Continue reading

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Cooking With Mimi

Our Little Mimi had gone into the kitchen to make herself a mid-day snack.  She had tried her best to get me to make it for her but I was very busy playing Bejeweled doing some Very Important Things and … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Dinner

On KT’s last night before heading back to her school on the other side of the state, we decided that we would take her out to eat at one of her favorite vegan restaurants.  It’s a small Jamaican sandwich shop … Continue reading

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At Least I Can Make A Pie

If you are reading this from my actual blog (as opposed to a reader) you may have noticed that I haven’t made much progress with my new design.  The colors aren’t quite so garish, but it’s not a very finished … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Nothin’ Like Mama’s

One of Mimi’s favorite foods is beans.  She gobbles them down in any shape or form (Which can make life rather…um…aromatic…at times) Her most favorite beans, however, are my World(ish) Famous Baked Beans. As I was preparing to make a … Continue reading

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