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The Hunt for Dinner

On KT’s last night before heading back to her school on the other side of the state, we decided that we would take her out to eat at one of her favorite vegan restaurants.  It’s a small Jamaican sandwich shop … Continue reading

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New Adventures

Shortly before the crack of dawn KT and I climbed out of bed, pulled on our clothes and grabbed her packed bag of belongings.  KT had said her goodbyes the night before and in order to avoid another long teary … Continue reading

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Fluttering Those Wings

These last few weeks seem to have been a non-stop frenzy of shopping, stocking up and getting everything  KT needs gathered up for college. In between all of this we’ve had to snatch whatever time she had leftover from hanging … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Package

KT had been searching for vegan hiking boots for a few months. Little did we know that finding a sturdy leather-free boot would become such an odyssey.  In desperation, she finally gave up and searched for a pair online.  (Interestingly, … Continue reading

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The Basic Necessities

Everybody knows that when you go on vacation, you aren’t supposed to get sick.  Well, almost everyone knows that.  It seems that Shaun didn’t get the message.  Late yesterday afternoon, he started feeling a little under the weather.  He thought … Continue reading

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Kids Today

It’s been a quiet evening. Our KT arrived home safely from her camping trip (with nary a bear sighting) smelly, tired and with lots of stories to share.  After a long, hot shower for KT, and dinner and story telling … Continue reading

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The Seven Mile Hike

My oldest daughter left the house shortly after the Crack of Dawn this morning to go on a seven mile hike with a couple of her friends.  The hike itself, while a bit challenging, doesn’t bother me. I know KT … Continue reading

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The Sushi Flower

We just got back from KT’s graduation ceremony a little while ago.  I’m wet, cold, tired and my feet hurt…I figured that was a great reason to blow off blogging tonight.  Yet…I don’t seem to be able to do it.  … Continue reading

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Just When You Think They Are All Grown Up

This afternoon, I needed to make a quick stop at Costco. I usually go by myself, but today I drug my kids along with me.  For some odd reason, my girls thought that the oversized shopping carts would be perfect … Continue reading

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My Brain Is Numb

Tonight was KT’s Senior Award Ceremony.  I’d like to say that it was a wonderful, uplifting experience to be able to celebrate all the wonderful things these kids have accomplished, but, frankly…they are all awesome kids.  Nearly everyone was celebrated … Continue reading

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