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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

My girls and I often communicate by text. It’s simple to shoot something off and respond at your leisure. The last I had heard from my youngest was that she and her best friend Michele were going to hang out … Continue reading

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A Most Colorful Mother’s Day

We like traditions in our family.  We have one for each and every holiday you can imagine as well as some holidays we made up that aren’t as well known.  For Mother’s Day, our tradition has always been to let … Continue reading

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A Sweet Tradition

A couple weeks ago, I set a loose goal for myself to bake some sort of bread about once a week. I had no particular reason to do this…it was just one of those things. (What? You don’t get crazy … Continue reading

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The T-shirt to Prove It

You can generally pick out the runners in a crowd.  They are usually the lean, muscular, athletic looking ones.  If the looks alone didn’t tip you off, you can usually spot them by the T-shirts they love to wear.  You … Continue reading

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Not So Foolish April

This morning the dogs woke me up.  They were whining to go outside much earlier than I wanted to get up.  (Granted, one could hardly fault the dogs, as it was a few hours later than I usually am up, … Continue reading

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Glory Days

My daughter and I were out and about running errands when she decided to switch the radio station. She pressed it a few times pausing briefly before pushing the button yet again in search of one that could hold her … Continue reading

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How to Embarrass Your Child…Without Really Trying

As my child has gotten older, soccer season lasts longer and longer.  In fact, sometimes it lasts longer than us devoted parents really want to be out watching the game.  Yet, because we are devoted parents, we still go and … Continue reading

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A Quiet Friday Night

I was supposed to spend this weekend off with a bunch of my girlfriends in a secret, secret location where no kids or husbands can find us.  Well…that’s not entirely true.  Sometimes they do manage to find us and stop … Continue reading

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Soccer Practice

Please join me over at Life as a Human for my article on the joys of waiting for Mimi at soccer practice.  (and it really was a joy…I wasn’t being sarcastic at all!) Go HERE

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The SATs

Saturday morning, Mimi, like hundreds of other kids across the country, left to take her SATs.  I have to admit that I was just a bit melancholy about my baby girl taking these tests.  I sat down with a cup … Continue reading

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