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How to Embarrass Your Child…Without Really Trying

As my child has gotten older, soccer season lasts longer and longer.  In fact, sometimes it lasts longer than us devoted parents really want to be out watching the game.  Yet, because we are devoted parents, we still go and … Continue reading

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A Quiet Friday Night

I was supposed to spend this weekend off with a bunch of my girlfriends in a secret, secret location where no kids or husbands can find us.  Well…that’s not entirely true.  Sometimes they do manage to find us and stop … Continue reading

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Those Dashing Young Men

When I was about twelve or thirteen, one of my girl friends and I were allowed to take the city bus to Third Avenue.  This was the downtown area of our small city, filled with a plethora of small shops … Continue reading

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Don’t you just love fall?

It’s like candy for the eyes.

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My Addiction

I’ve always been a very visual person.  I need to have all my things around me in plain sight where I can keep track of them.  If I don’t, then some of my most treasured thoughts and possessions will be … Continue reading

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Mutant Mold Monster

This morning, I got busy messing with things and managed to run out of time for any breakfast other than my coffee. So this afternoon when I came home from work, I was ravenous. I quickly grabbed a couple slices … Continue reading

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How Sweet it Is

After wandering through the hardware store just long enough to find what we needed (Somebody was in a hurry and wouldn’t let me look at all the cool things they keep there.  Not that I would pout about that or … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Photograph

I was grumbling to myself wondering what on earth I was going to post about tonight.  It’s only day four of Nablopomo and I had convinced myself that my brain was exhausted.  One wouldn’t think something so simple as writing … Continue reading

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The Would-be Kitten Fosterers

“How would you feel about fostering some kittens?” Shaun asked me as we were headed to bed.  “Are you crazy?” I replied, “No.” “But it would only be temp…” “NO.” If the truth be known, I would have loved to … Continue reading

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The Parent Weekend Surprise

A week and a half ago we were in Walla Walla visiting KT for parent’s weekend at Whitman College.  We had big plans to do all the activities arranged by the school.  This was in direct contrast to the “going … Continue reading

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