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That Nine Random Minute Thing

Well, you may have noticed that I fell off the NaMoBloMo thang…  I have to admit that I’m rather disappointed in myself, this would’ve been my third (or is is fourth?) time completing it.  The horrible truth is that I … Continue reading

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Take Yer Daughter to Work Day—Kinda

When Mimi realized that I had work on Friday, and she didn’t have school, my child immediately decided that I needed a Sous Chef.  (or maybe it’s Assistant Instructor? {I teach an adult/child cooking class on Fridays}) I agreed to … Continue reading

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Feeling Proud

I can remember being in class about 5000 years ago when a couple members of the newspaper staff walked in.  They asked us if we would take a moment to write down our thoughts about the newly proposed holiday to … Continue reading

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My Favorite Veteran

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I’m a Navy Brat. it’s not something I talk about a lot as it’s just a part of my childhood and who I am.   We weren’t one of those lucky families that … Continue reading

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My Near Death Experience

This evening I called Shaun and told him I needed him to hurry home from work to rescue me.  We had been invaded by a Man Eating Slug. I had to keep an eye on it to make sure it … Continue reading

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Nine Minutes of Random

That means I have absolutely nothing I want to write about this particular minute so I’ve set my phone for nine minutes and have just started typing.  This should be interesting to see what I end up with.  Mimi has … Continue reading

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My Special Manicure

We were all downstairs rotting our brains watching fascinating documentaries when Mimi suddenly grabbed one of my hands and told me she was going to give me a manicure.  I looked at the bottle of fire-engine red nail polish in … Continue reading

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Cooking With Mimi

Our Little Mimi had gone into the kitchen to make herself a mid-day snack.  She had tried her best to get me to make it for her but I was very busy playing Bejeweled doing some Very Important Things and … Continue reading

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I Can Lift Elephants

Every September, when our kids go back to school, one of my girlfriends and I start walking again.  We always end up taking the summer off to spend the time with our kids.  (Then again, maybe we just like to … Continue reading

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The Photobomber

I was walking down the hall way and poked my head in Mimi’s room just to say hello and see what she was up to.  As is often the case lately, she was so engrossing in what she as doing … Continue reading

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