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My Homework

When Mimi came home from school on her first day, she gleefully announced that I had homework to do and handed me a sheet of paper.  It was titled “What you need to know about my son or daughter in … Continue reading

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The Last First Day

It was a major struggle to climb out of bed this morning.  We had done just as we do every summer the moment school lets out…revert into “Night Owl” mode.  Our entire family seems happiest staying up until the wee … Continue reading

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Those Teachable Moments…

When one of the headlights in the van Mimi drives burnt out, I knew it was one of those “teachable moments” that every decent parent is honor-bound to take advantage of.  “Come on Mimi” I said holding a brand new … Continue reading

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The Make-up Artist

“Mom, I’m going to do your makeup for you.” my youngest daughter announced.  I was getting ready to go out with some of my friends and she had been patiently waiting for me in my room.  I was pretty sure … Continue reading

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Uncalculated Chaos

When Mimi started classes last week, she told me that she was really going to need a new scientific calculator.  Not only had she been using her sister’s aging hand-me-down one, her teachers were encouraging the students to get the … Continue reading

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Mimi’s New Adventure

Shortly after school let out in June, Mimi started asking if she could switch to one of the other high schools in our area. Having known our Drama Queen for several years, I merely raised my eyebrows at her and … Continue reading

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Hiding Out In The Monster Closet

Vacations are a lot of fun, but let’s face it, they are also a lot of hard work.  From the anticipation, the packing, and the endless driving to the disruption of routine, unpacking and loads of smelly laundry. I was … Continue reading

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Kids Today

It’s been a quiet evening. Our KT arrived home safely from her camping trip (with nary a bear sighting) smelly, tired and with lots of stories to share.  After a long, hot shower for KT, and dinner and story telling … Continue reading

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The Seven Mile Hike

My oldest daughter left the house shortly after the Crack of Dawn this morning to go on a seven mile hike with a couple of her friends.  The hike itself, while a bit challenging, doesn’t bother me. I know KT … Continue reading

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Just When You Think They Are All Grown Up

This afternoon, I needed to make a quick stop at Costco. I usually go by myself, but today I drug my kids along with me.  For some odd reason, my girls thought that the oversized shopping carts would be perfect … Continue reading

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