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Waiting Until the Last Minute

New Year’s Eve should have found me leisurely creating a new and tantalizing appetizer and getting ready for a party I was excited to attend. Instead I found myself hastily throwing together a tried and true version of stuffed mushrooms … Continue reading

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Thanks For The Memories

I was late calling my parents for Thanksgiving. The day had has been a non-stop whirlwind of activity and had just gotten away from me. So I called them on Friday hoping that they weren’t upset that I was behind … Continue reading

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New Year’s Tradition

A few years ago, I heard that eating black eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s Day would bring good luck for the entire year. Despite not being terribly superstitious, and realizing that I had made it though many, … Continue reading

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I was wandering around in the grocery store the other night, having a conversation with myself about what I still needed to get. I glanced over and spotted an older gentleman looking at me oddly. Assuming that my conversation was … Continue reading

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You Better Watch Out!

  Our entire family went out shopping last Friday night, hoping that the crowds of Black Friday shoppers were home, sleeping off their early morning plundering.  Well, technically we just popped into Target to get a few things. I don’t … Continue reading

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Hello Fall

It seems as though summer has flown by in a busy haze.  It was lovely. Full of sunshine, good friends and family.  Now I find myself looking forward to autumn and the structure and routines that always come with it.  … Continue reading

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Of Cake and Song

I come from a family of singers. So it was really no big surprise when I answered my phone last Thursday morning and was greeting with a rousing rendition of song. This went on all day long. Interspersed among happy … Continue reading

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Not So Foolish April

This morning the dogs woke me up.  They were whining to go outside much earlier than I wanted to get up.  (Granted, one could hardly fault the dogs, as it was a few hours later than I usually am up, … Continue reading

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The Big Five-Oh

When Shaun turned thirty, we threw a surprise party for him.  It was such fun to sneak around, gathering his friends and co-workers in order to celebrate him.  Shaun enjoyed himself, but hated that we all made such a fuss … Continue reading

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The First Day of 2012

I had grand plans of writing something profound for this first day of the new year.  But…well, nothing was coming to me.  So, in lieu of profound, I’m going for slightly silly with this meme that I found floating around … Continue reading

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