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So Much For My Best Laid Plans

Louise and I made it home from our two week driving vacation to San Diego last night.  (We tried to bring the sunshine with us, but I think it got snagged on Mt Shasta…hopefully it will get loose and bring … Continue reading

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An Airport Non-Tradition

“Mom, can we go to the airport extra, extra early?” Mimi asked.  It was all my horrified brain could do not to scream that there was no way on this green earth that  I was going to get up even … Continue reading

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New Adventures

Shortly before the crack of dawn KT and I climbed out of bed, pulled on our clothes and grabbed her packed bag of belongings.  KT had said her goodbyes the night before and in order to avoid another long teary … Continue reading

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Fluttering Those Wings

These last few weeks seem to have been a non-stop frenzy of shopping, stocking up and getting everything  KT needs gathered up for college. In between all of this we’ve had to snatch whatever time she had leftover from hanging … Continue reading

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The Very Geeky Tourist (part two)

Part one can be found HERE or maybe the true beginning of the story is actually HERE After visiting the somewhat world famous Gum Wall, we all piled back up into the van and headed back to pick KT up … Continue reading

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Speaking of Spring Break…

What do you mean we weren’t speaking of Spring Break? Of course we were, it’s just been a little while…. Now, where were we? My friend…um…I’m going to call her Genie ‘cause she’s the one who waved her magic wand … Continue reading

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Spring Break

It wasn’t too long ago that Spring Break was a time for my girls and I to reconnect and get some down time away from all the pressures of school.  (You think work is bad? Try learning to read!) This … Continue reading

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