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Cookie Logic

I’d been trying my best to eat healthier for the past few months. In the summer, with the easy outdoor living and abundance of fresh fruit and veggies everywhere you looked, it was fairly simple. As the seasons changed, I … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Dinner

On KT’s last night before heading back to her school on the other side of the state, we decided that we would take her out to eat at one of her favorite vegan restaurants.  It’s a small Jamaican sandwich shop … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Package

KT had been searching for vegan hiking boots for a few months. Little did we know that finding a sturdy leather-free boot would become such an odyssey.  In desperation, she finally gave up and searched for a pair online.  (Interestingly, … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Nothin’ Like Mama’s

One of Mimi’s favorite foods is beans.  She gobbles them down in any shape or form (Which can make life rather…um…aromatic…at times) Her most favorite beans, however, are my World(ish) Famous Baked Beans. As I was preparing to make a … Continue reading

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The Basic Necessities

Everybody knows that when you go on vacation, you aren’t supposed to get sick.  Well, almost everyone knows that.  It seems that Shaun didn’t get the message.  Late yesterday afternoon, he started feeling a little under the weather.  He thought … Continue reading

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When Relatives Come to Visit

Last weekend, our Aunt Edie and Uncle Jim made it to Seattle on their Nationwide Tour Extravaganza (OK, I’m pretty sure they just call it a really long roadtrip, but that sounds so tedious so I thought I would jazz … Continue reading

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Our Granola Girl

We were spending some family time together, when out of the blue our oldest daughter KT asked what “granola” meant. My husband looked at her for a moment as though she had grown a second head before telling her quite … Continue reading

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VegFest 2010

This weekend we attended our second Vegfest.  For those of you that are thinking this may have been a chance to veg out in a huge exhibition hall with hundreds of other folks…sort of a Woodstock without the bands…or the … Continue reading

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A Rather Different Easter

Earlier this week, Mimi reminded me that there was only a few more days until Easter as she looked pointedly at the gaily decorated display of Easter Baskets in the store we were in.  I merely looked at her  and … Continue reading

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