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Beautiful October

Hello October. I’m so glad you are here.  It seems as though you have only just arrived, but in truth, you are nearly gone.  As they say, time flies when you are having fun.  I’ve been enjoying you so much.  … Continue reading

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Hello Fall

It seems as though summer has flown by in a busy haze.  It was lovely. Full of sunshine, good friends and family.  Now I find myself looking forward to autumn and the structure and routines that always come with it.  … Continue reading

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The Mixed Up Days of March

I like to think of March as the Friday of the seasons.  All the mundane grey of winter is nearly over and everyone is looking forward to the weekend…er…spring and summer.  Yesterday I smiled as I checked on the progress … Continue reading

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The Great Snowpacolypse of 2012

On Wednesday, I posted to my Facebook Page that the national news proclaiming that we we all on the brink of freezing to death here in Seattle, was greatly exaggerated.  Yes, we had a lot of snow, the power had … Continue reading

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Talkin’ About the Weather

There’s a reason you are supposed to jot ideas down in a notebook.  Especially if you are past the age of oh…say…27 or thereabout…and have a brain like a sieve.  There’s so much I wanted to tell you but haven’t … Continue reading

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Keeping It In Perspective

Yesterday I stopped to get gas and was shivering beside my car (with Mimi’s words echoing in my head about why on earth we don’t just move to Oregon where the common folk aren’t allowed to pump their own gas) … Continue reading

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Rain Boots

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather has been a little…well…nasty.  My inbox keeps filling up with high wind advisories, winter storm, thunderstorm and flood warnings.  It’s been interesting.  But we are tough (well, most of us…the ones that aren’t … Continue reading

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The Agony Of DeHEAT

I don’t normally consider myself an obsessive person.  In fact, I think most people would consider me just a little too laid -back for my own good.  I tend to just take things and deal with them as they come.  … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day

Today was an absolutely beautiful day.  The sun was shining and it was so blissfully warm.  All I wanted to do was go outside and bask in it. The only problem was that I had this list…this really long list … Continue reading

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Never Doubt The Groundhog

Exactly a week ago, Punxsutawney Phil poked his head out of his burrow and was frightened by his own shadow, thus predicting six more weeks of winter.   We smiled at the news, wished everyone a “Happy Groundhog Day” and went … Continue reading

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