My Trophy Case

One of the nicest things about Blogging is the amazing people we all meet.  It’s a huge thrill for me when someone drops a comment.  (And I love visiting other blogs as well…you never know what you are going to find. 

An even bigger thrill, if that’s possible is for someone to think highly enough of you to bestow an award.  I’ve been collecting awards but because of my lack of um…technical ability, I haven’t been able to display them. 

That is until I stole hit upon the idea of building a trophy case! So I’m dusting off and polishing my awards and proudly displaying them in my case.  (I might even do them in order of receipt, but I wouldn’t count on it!)

Thank you so much!!!

Lion Medium

Carol awarded me the very exclusive Roar Award.   It makes my heart happy that she thinks so highly of my writing skills. Thank you!


A special award, invented and awarded by the delightful Annie




Thanks to Freakazoid and Krista for this beauty! 



Thanks Mel, you’re so nice! Aug ’07


schmooze award

Thank you Jeff !          7/07

creative blogger.sharperjpg

Thanks Mike!


Thank  you snpnmnmi!  (Yeah…I have no idea how to pronounce that, I just think of her as yummy Italian ice cream!)


Big Thanks to Swampy! (although I have to wonder about this one as you can never believe anything she says!)

rocking girl 

Then there was the Rockin’ Girl Blogger from M of Pretty in the City


Thanks Lisa !


And many thanks to the Fabulous Tink for the very exclusive Golden Spork award…two years in a row!  (I know…I know…she’s in the sidebar too, but it took so much work to finally get it up there, that it’s staying!)

There are more…I just have to figure out what nooks and crannies I tucked them into for safe keeping!  Thank you to ALL my lovely readers, I adore each and everyone of you.  (OK, now I’m getting sappy, time to go…)

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