Sweet Basil Dreams

As I peeled apart the clear hard-plastic container, I got my first whiff. A small trickle of nearly forgotten memories started to slowly twirl around in the farthest reaches of my mind. The scent intensified as I pulled the crumpled leaves out of their packaging. I plopped them down on the cheap Ikea cutting board, and admired their greenness against the red. Then I peered out my kitchen window. There, on the railing of my deck, sat a squat brown pot with a shriveled branch defiantly standing up.

I know I should have composted the lifeless plant back in the fall and tucked the planter away for the winter. Yet, somehow, I couldn’t bring myself to do that. In a strange way, I actually liked looking at the dead branch. It reminded that the seemingly endless gray Seattle winter would someday fade away. It gave me hope that our glorious summer would soon return.


I turned back to my task. Grasping the knife tightly, I sliced the sharply honed steel across the store-bought herb. The cut leaves immediately released the most heavenly aroma. As I inhaled deeply, I was instantly catapulted to the middle of summer. I was outside playing fetch with my dogs as the pungent scent drifted from the deck to where we romped below on the lawn. I was dining outside with friends enjoying the sunshine, good conversation and laughter. Not only could I smell the light fragrance wafting over us, I delighted in the sweet peppery taste it added to our meal. I was sitting in a comfortable Adirondack chair, sipping wine and giggling with a friend all while breathing in that heady perfume.

Smiling at the awakened memories, I scraped the chopped leaves into the waiting saucepan. I laughed at myself for having such uncharitable thoughts toward purchased produce. No, they weren’t the lush, hand harvested leaves that I had spoiled myself with all summer long. They may actually have been even better. At the end of a long winter’s grip, they brought the dreams of summer back to me.

Yeah Write

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Blame It On The Time Change

Shaun came home from work and we sat chatting about everything and nothing for a few minutes. Then he asked me if I had blogged yet. I gave him one of those sideway looks that told him that I thought he was nuts. Then glancing out the window and seeing how light it still was outside, I told him that I had plenty of time.

It was my turn to get one of those looks that told me exactly what he was thinking about my thought processes. (We are very good at giving each other meaningful looks.) He nodded knowingly and suggested that I had forgotten about Daylight Savings Time, and told me I only had an hour and a half left to get something brilliant posted. Plenty of time.

I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. But…well…it wasn’t dark and I didn’t have to start writing yet. Then suddenly, I realized that there was no time left. ACK! So much for brilliance.

I’m going to blame it on the fact that I had to get up so much earlier than I was meant to, (let’s face it, an hour isn’t very long unless, of course, you are trying to sleep, and blearily hit your snooze for as long as you possibly can!) after staying up way too late the night before.

(Imagine from Facebook…I have no idea who to credit)

Tomorrow has got to be better…


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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

My girls and I often communicate by text. It’s simple to shoot something off and respond at your leisure. The last I had heard from my youngest was that she and her best friend Michele were going to hang out at The Bluff. I had no idea where the bluff was, but I assumed she was fine and would tell me about it later. My response was for her to be safe. It seems that I’m always telling them that. I can only hope that they know how much I worry and decide to make good choices.

An hour or so later, I got another text from Mimi. It merely said “I’m at the hospital…”

My heart started pounding and I tried not to let my panic show as I sent back a series of frantic questions asking what happened and how bad was it. I jammed my shoes on and started hunting for my keys as I waited to hear which hospital she was at. Just as I started to call her, I got another text. It said that Michele’s mom was in the ICU. I let out a huge sigh of relief. I was so grateful that my baby girl was okay.

The immediate panic over, my concern switched to Michele’s family. Once again, I asked what had happened and started wondering what I could do to help. My daughter must’ve had pity on me at that point, as she reminded me that Michele’s mom was a nurse and that they were just visiting her.

And I wonder where these gray hairs keep coming from…


Mimi and Michele…partners in crime!


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Define Interesting

Shaun and I were out running errands this afternoon. He was listening to the classic rock station and giving me a mini-lesson about some obscure band that I was largely ignoring. We came to a stop light and he turned to give me his full attention. Apparently, I didn’t have very pleasant look on my face because he was suddenly very concerned and wanted to know why I was scowling. Of course I denied that I was scowling. I informed my husband that I was just thinking, and was also wondering when he was going to do something interesting.

“Interesting?” he asked. “What do you mean, interesting? I’m always interesting.” I told him that while I was very happy with his confidence level, I needed something more from him than his vast knowledge of the band MouseRat or whoever.

“Wait a minute! This is about your blog isn’t it?” he shouted and began waving his arms around in agitation. “This is too much pressure, I can’t do this!” I explained that he was all I had left now that the girls were rarely home. I needed him for some good blog material…especially as I had committed to blogging every day. And besides, I mollified him, he was the most interesting person I knew.

As we pulled into the Sushiland parking lot for lunch a short while later, I asked Shaun if he thought the waiter was going to ask to pet his beard again. (OK, to be honest here, I’m not sure it that is an interesting thing or a weird thing to happen to someone.)

“My beard!” Shaun said, “You can write about my beard, that’s interesting.”

“It’s not interesting.” I answered, “You know how I feel about that thing. I will write about it when you shave it off.”

Hmmm…I do find it interesting that somehow, the beard is still there and I’m writing about it.


At least I get to post an interesting snapshot of Shaun wearing wax lips….


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It’s All Rubbish

“Did you take out the trash?” asked my Beloved with narrowed eyes.

I paused for a moment, unsure of what to say. Then I pointed to my daffodils that had struggled to come up every year since I had planted them. I babbled on about how I really should dig up the bulbs and find a place in our shady yard that had just a wee more sun.



With a sigh, I looked into my husband’s eyes and confessed, “Yes, I took out the trash.”

Shaun burst into laughter and crowed that he knew I wouldn’t be able to stand it.

It was true. I couldn’t stand it. Shaun generally takes the large bins to the road for pick-up on Trash Day. This particular morning, he had poked his head back into the house to tell me that the bins were empty and that it would be pointless to haul them up.

Naturally, I didn’t believe him. I knew that it simply wasn’t possible to not have any trash. I was aware that it was primarily just the two of us living here now, but it wasn’t very long ago that we had to stomp trash down to fit it all in. Surely the addition of two girls couldn’t add that much garbage!

Shaking my head, I grabbed the one bag of trash from the kitchen and brought it to the outside bin. Peering inside, I noted that Shaun was right. (I really hate it when he’s right. That means that I’m wrong. Sigh…) Sprawled in the bottom, was a sack of used kitty litter and an empty Starbucks cup. Dropping the bag I had carried from the house into the bin, I dashed back inside and went on a mad treasure hunt for more trash.

I have to admit that it wasn’t easy. I went through every room and the garage. I found tons of clutter that could be given away, some recycling and just a little actual trash. Doubling my efforts, I managed fill that bin at least, ok…almost…halfway. Enough, in my book, to haul up to the road.


I’m already on a mission to fill that bin up all the way next week. I just hope I don’t have to go borrow some from the neighbors in order to do it.


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I’ve heard it said many times that those high school years are the best of your life. I have no idea who actually believes that. Most people would say those years were okay, and some would say that it was a personal hell they had been forced to endure. It breaks my heart to say that my youngest daughter may have been in that last group.

School, particularly high school wasn’t a good fit for my passionate, creative and smart girl. She didn’t do well in the traditional classroom setting, nor did she end up with a circle of friends that really “got” her. We sent her off to college, with high hopes that she would thrive there. She did well at first, but as the semester went on, she realized that it just wasn’t for her.

Finally, we listened to what she really wanted to do. Our girl, that had been obsessed with make-up videos, creating hair masterpieces, painting her nails and doing make-overs for her friends, convinced us to send her to cosmetology school. Our Mimi had found her niche.

My daughter, who in the past, could barely drag herself out of bed, was cheerfully up by six-thirty every morning in order to get to school on time. She would put in an eleven hour day and come home so excited to tell me all about it. Through her enthusiasm, I learned more than I ever knew was possible about hair. Even on the days that she was exhausted beyond belief, with aching feet and a throbbing back, she was so happy. Some days, I could barely stop the tears from falling as I watched my baby blossom into who she was meant to be.

Last Sunday, while so many were watching the Oscars, I was watching my daughter’s graduation ceremony. They announced the first of three awards. The first was a Client Service Award. It was given to the student who has the most guests requesting her as a stylist. It wasn’t too much of a surprise that it was given to Mimi. People have always been drawn to her. That, combined with the skills that she had developed, kept so many asking for her over and over again.


When the third certificate, the Gene Juarez Academy Award,  defined as the “Best of the Best,” was announced, we were shocked. It didn’t occur to us that someone could be honored with more than one award, but our Mimi won it! We were so proud and excited for her.

Mr. Gene Juarez, who rarely comes to the graduations, was there as the Keynote Speaker. Mimi had talked with him earlier, and this man who is so successful in his industry, encouraged her to travel and follow her dreams. During his speech, he stumbled over a quote, which only served to imbed it in my mind. He said;


“Those who work with their hands are laborers,

Those who work with their hands and brains are craftsmen,

Those that work with their hands, brains and hearts are artists.

Be an artist.”

I have no doubt in my mind that Mimi will be an amazing artist, growing in whatever direction she chooses and working in salons that appreciate her talents and passion. I can’t wait to see where her path leads her. It’s going to be so amazing.


Especially knowing that this is only the start of the best years of her life.


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My Little Secret

There is something fundamentally wrong with getting up before the Crack Of Dawn. It’s doubly wrong when the day you do this happens to be a Saturday. Yet, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and crawl out of bed to take care of things. In this instance, the thing I had to take care of was a delicious secret I had been savoring for weeks.

About a month ago, I called KT who is off at college. I told her that her sister Mimi’s graduation ceremony was coming up, and was wondering what her schedule looked like. I then informed her that she wouldn’t be getting an invitation, as Mimi had already come to the conclusion that KT either wouldn’t want, or be able to come. I thought she should at least be given the chance to decide for herself.

Of course KT was excited to see her baby sister’s graduation. Luckily, those dates happened to one of the better times for her to come. I agreed to fly her home in order to save her ten hours of driving time that could otherwise be used for studying. As we made the finalized the ticket purchase, I came up with a brilliant idea. We wouldn’t tell anyone she was coming! KT just laughed at me and wished me luck with keeping that secret.

Now, I’m really good at keeping secrets. People tell me things all the time, and I’m never even tempted to repeat their words. It soon became apparent to me that all those secrets I keep, are nothing compared to the fact that my eldest daughter was coming home for a weekend. There were so many times that it started to slip…not being able to share my secret was driving me bonkers. I had to tell someone, so all my girlfriends knew, the cashiers at the grocery store knew, and even complete strangers knew! Telling them helped, but it still wasn’t the same as telling my family.

Two days before Mimi’s ceremony, she started to seriously regret the fact that she hadn’t invited anyone. We have no family nearby, but we do have some wonderful family friends. I suggested that she invite some of them to come. She shook her head, not wanting to give so little notice. I finally took pity on her and shared my closely guarded secret. Mimi was so touched that she started to cry tears of happiness that her sister would actually come for her.

The next morning, I giggled to myself as I quietly crept out of bed and dressed to go to the airport. Just the very thought of what Shaun’s face would look like when he got up to find KT sitting in the front room negated my deep aversion to those early morning hours.

Some secrets are definitely worth getting up for.

Photo: Tonight I got to watch Meghan graduate from Gene Juarez Academy. She's embarking on an adventure she's wanted to pursue since she was little.

I was incredibly proud as she was bestowed with the honors she's earned through hard work and dedication.

My beautiful girls!


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Mr. Romance

I’m in a mild state of panic, as I’m supposed to log in a post by 11:59 eastern time.  That’s right before 9:00 my time.  I’ve always been a late night blogger, so I have to make some adjustments. 

I’ve been in the habit of jotting down little conversations that amuse me.  My plan is to just share one of those on these nights that I’m running behind.  This one between my husband Shaun and I, and  is dated 12/29.  I think I had just downloaded all of my holiday photos taken on my new camera and wasn’t very pleased with them.

Me: None of these photos have turned out very well

Shaun: What are you talking about? They look amazing!

Me: You’re only saying that because you don’t want to listen to me whine.

Shaun: What? You know that I LOVE to hear you whine!

That Shaun, he always says the most romantic things!


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It’s Time To Write

Last week I was referred to a new doctor. As she looked over the information I had jotted down on the pile of forms each medical office seems to demand, this new doctor paused and said, “I like your name.” I chuckled a bit as I thanked her and thought to myself that I really didn’t have much to do with my name, it was bestowed upon me. “It sounds like an author” she mused. I was quiet. I needed to ponder that.
A week or so before that, my daughter KT had taken a moment out of her busy college life to call and suggest that I edit a book written by one of our friends. KT’s thoughts were that it would get my creative juices flowing so that I would start writing again. Hmmm…that phone call, along with the constant questions of when I was ever going to blog again, got me thinking. The little stories that I used to write on a near daily basis started swirling around in my head once again.
Then a post popped up in my reader. It was from a blog I had started following a year or two ago when I had participated in a Slice of Life Story Challenge. The challenge is to write a small slice of life every day this month. How can I possibly resist?

So…expect to see a lot of me this month. Let’s just consider it Doctor’s Orders.

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I’m In!

I was about 19 when a friend of mine started talking about football. It must’ve been shortly after New Year’s because I remember that I had recently watched the Rose Bowl Parade on television. In my innocence, I asked how many Bowls were left until the Super Bowl. Seeing the look of confusion on my friend’s face, I went on to explain that I was talking about things like the Rose Bowl, the Apple Bowl and the Orange Bowl. I just wanted to know how much longer until they got to the Big Daddy of bowls…the Super Bowl. Once she stopped laughing and picked herself up off the ground, my friend explained to me that they were completely different. The Super Bowl was for professional football players, and all the others were college level.

Needless to say, I’ve never been accused of being a sports fanatic. Over the years, any sports I watched were pretty limited to my girls as they played softball, basketball, soccer, martial arts and dance. I’ve been known to get caught up in the excitement of professional sports. Heck, I’ve had fun going to a few different games and watched them on the big screen…but given the choice, I’m just as happy curling up with a good book.


I’ve always cheered our football team, the Seahawks, on in an absent-minded way. It wasn’t that I wasn’t loyal to our team, I knew they were out there playing, I just didn’t think about them all that much. This year is different though. This year, our town exploded in blue and green. Beautiful blue flags with a white “12” emblazoned on them fly from cars, buildings and even our Space Needle to show the support of our fans. The air is filled with a nearly tangible excitement. This year, the Seahawks are headed to the Super Bowl. (That’s the professional one, just in case you’ve lost track.) And this city has gone crazy! It’s impossible not to climb aboard the bandwagon and cheer our team on.


Win or lose (what am I saying, of course they are going to win! Even a non-sports fanatic like me knows that!) they are our team and our entire city couldn’t be prouder of them!


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