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Thanks For The Memories

I was late calling my parents for Thanksgiving. The day had has been a non-stop whirlwind of activity and had just gotten away from me. So I called them on Friday hoping that they weren’t upset that I was behind … Continue reading

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A Sweet Tradition

A couple weeks ago, I set a loose goal for myself to bake some sort of bread about once a week. I had no particular reason to do this…it was just one of those things. (What? You don’t get crazy … Continue reading

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Speaking of Serendipity

Ok, maybe we weren’t speaking of serendipity, but we should.  It’s got a great meaning and it just feels good saying it.  Try it.  Let it just roll out of your mouth ser-innnn-dip-it-eee.  It helps if you play by saying … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have so  much to be thankful for.  A warm home, loving husband, two beautiful daughters, way too many critters, deep friendships and well…what more could I possibly need? How about a cornucopia filled with pineapple, lemons and watermelon? (Thank … Continue reading

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Thankful Memories

Over dinner last night, I mentioned that I felt so bad for Thanksgiving as it is a forgotten holiday.  My family wasn’t buying into my thoughts about November’s holiday.  Everyone knows about Thanksgiving and everyone loves to enjoy a feast … Continue reading

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My Delicious

My Delicious is being published at LifeAsAHuman.com today.  I hope you join and let me know what your delicious is!  Here’s a taste: I ponder all the Delicious things I’m lucky enough to have in my life. The strong arms … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Living a Lie

My mom likes puzzles.  For her, the biggest puzzle of all is tracking down those that have come before her. For as long as I can remember, my mother has been obsessed with finding her “roots”.  She and my grandmother … Continue reading

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Must Eat Brains

Our family seems to have a long history of zombies…well at least the men in our family.  (us girls have way too much common sense for that!) My husband Shaun has even managed to earn the name “Uncle Zombie” from … Continue reading

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Fun At The Fabric Store

Mimi and I made plans to go to the store so that she could pick out fabric for me to make her a bag.  Right before we headed out the door,(Mimi told me we should’ve snuck out, but sadly I … Continue reading

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A Day At The Park

This morning I woke up to a blindingly bright light shining directly in my eyes.  I stirred just enough to yank the covers over my head in order to block the light and mutter some really unkind words at my … Continue reading

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