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The End of a Chapter

Yesterday morning Shaun loaded up the car while I ran around the house turning off lights, jotting a quick note to the house-sitter and hugging the hounds goodbye.  Within moments we were joining the masses headed across the pass for … Continue reading

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The Last First Day

It was a major struggle to climb out of bed this morning.  We had done just as we do every summer the moment school lets out…revert into “Night Owl” mode.  Our entire family seems happiest staying up until the wee … Continue reading

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Fighting Dirty

It was one of those rare Saturdays when I had no absolutely no plans except to sleep in as long as I could.  So it was a bit of a shock to my system when my cell phone rang shortly … Continue reading

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A Rather Different Easter

Earlier this week, Mimi reminded me that there was only a few more days until Easter as she looked pointedly at the gaily decorated display of Easter Baskets in the store we were in.  I merely looked at her  and … Continue reading

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Table For Two

The other night  while the girls went to the opera (‘Cause we’re cultured like that) Shaun and I  decided to meet for an early dinner at a wonderful little Italian cafe that we enjoy.  I arrived first and put our … Continue reading

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The Christmas Party

Late last week, KT sent me a text asking if she could have a Christmas party on Monday. I thought about it for a moment then responded “Sure.  What did you have in mind?” I didn’t think much of it … Continue reading

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